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Muslim Ninth-Grader Arrested for Making A Clock Gets a White House Invite

President Obama invites Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old ninth-grader arrested for making a clock, to the White House.


How to Destroy a War Economy

To end the conflicts plaguing Africa, the United States needs to follow the money being made off of them — and stop it.


Omar al-Bashir Just Made a Mockery of International Justice. Again.

South Africa just let the dictator of Sudan fly home — that's bad news for the International Criminal Court.


Is Khartoum Sending Weapons to Rebels in South Sudan?

A new report alleges Sudan is helping fuel a conflict that has helped spark a famine and a refugee crisis.


Stranded at the Headwaters of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Before risking deadly deserts and a perilous Mediterranean crossing, the first steps of a desperate attempt at a new life cross Sudan.


Even in the Fake Kingdom of North Sudan, Disney Princesses Are White

Jeremiah Heaton wanted to start his own kingdom to make his daughter a princess, and ended up being called a colonialist. But that didn't stop Disney from wanting to make a movie about it.


Radio Days in South Sudan

To reach people in a conflict, sometimes low-tech is the best tech.

Christian Caryl

Ever Again

We know a lot about genocide. So why do we keep letting it happen?

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