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Teenager Arrested for Making a Clock Now Being Trolled for Visiting the White House

Sen. Ted Cruz and Twitter trolls aren't happy about Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, visiting the White House.


U.K. Will Deploy Hundreds of Troops to Aid Peacekeepers in Somalia, South Sudan

British troops to answer Obama’s call for more troops to help stabilize the crescent of conflict. About 50 countries are expected to announce Monday bigger contingents to help UN blue helmets around the world.

The Cable

Muslim Ninth-Grader Arrested for Making A Clock Gets a White House Invite

President Obama invites Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old ninth-grader arrested for making a clock, to the White House.


How to Destroy a War Economy

To end the conflicts plaguing Africa, the United States needs to follow the money being made off of them — and stop it.


Omar al-Bashir Just Made a Mockery of International Justice. Again.

South Africa just let the dictator of Sudan fly home — that's bad news for the International Criminal Court.


Is Khartoum Sending Weapons to Rebels in South Sudan?

A new report alleges Sudan is helping fuel a conflict that has helped spark a famine and a refugee crisis.


Stranded at the Headwaters of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Before risking deadly deserts and a perilous Mediterranean crossing, the first steps of a desperate attempt at a new life cross Sudan.


Even in the Fake Kingdom of North Sudan, Disney Princesses Are White

Jeremiah Heaton wanted to start his own kingdom to make his daughter a princess, and ended up being called a colonialist. But that didn't stop Disney from wanting to make a movie about it.


Radio Days in South Sudan

To reach people in a conflict, sometimes low-tech is the best tech.

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