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Russian TV Crew Tries to Bribe Swedish Youngsters to Riot on Camera

If you can’t spin fake news, just make fake news.


Why Is Finland Able to Fend Off Putin’s Information War?

Helsinki has emerged as a resilient front against Kremlin spin. But can its successes be translated to the rest of Europe?

The Cable

As January’s UNSC President, Sweden Sought to Focus on Women and Peace. How’d It Go?

“There’s not been one meeting where we’ve not raised this issue in one way or another,” says Sweden's spokesperson.

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Boo! The Queen of Sweden Believes Her Palace Is Haunted by Ghosts.

Sweden says it will focus on including women as the UN Security Council president. Also, its queen thinks her palace is haunted.

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News Flash! Press Freedoms Turn 250 Today

But there’s little cause to celebrate as protections for the media continue to backslide.

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Citing Trump Victory, Swedish Neo-Nazis Organize Largest Demonstration Yet

Europe’s far-right cheers Trump’s arrival in the White House, even as he tries to rein in his U.S. supporters.

The Cable

Some American Athletes Refusing to Play on Trump’s Team

They shoot, they score, they — move to Sweden?

The Cable

Visiting Sweden, the Pope Sure Had a Lot to Say

Who knew the pope had so many thoughts on Swedish life?

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