Elephants in the Room

Trump’s Syria Strategy Hinges on Russia

But does the president have enough leverage to make Moscow do what’s necessary?


Inside Turkey’s NGO Purge

The Turkish government is targeting aid workers with intimidation tactics, inane red tape, and senseless deportations.


The Gross Misconduct of Radwan Ziadeh’s Asylum Denial

U.S. immigration officials have said the Syrian dissident was “engaged in terrorist activity.” Nothing could be further from the truth.


Russia Looks to U.N. to Help It Profit From Syria Conquests

Critics suspect the Kremlin is looking to the West to pay the price to make Palmyra safe for Russian business.

The Cable

Bashar al-Assad’s Son Flunked a Math Competition in Brazil Last Week

The self-described “normal kid” secured a coveted spot on the Syrian national Math Olympiad team.


Can Stories About Food Upend Familiar Narratives of War?

Refugees are often portrayed as helpless victims — reporting on culture and cuisine is one way to tell the whole story.

The Cable

Hot Mic Catches a Fiery Bibi in Budapest

In a closed-door meeting, the Israeli prime minister talked tough on Syria — and even tougher on the EU.


Is This the End of ISIS?

The Islamic State has lost the battle for Mosul. Raqqa will be next to fall. But is the so-called caliphate dead — and who are the winners?


Making Peace With Assad’s State of Barbarism

As Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron signal they're not after regime change in Damascus, both leaders should remember there's a price to keeping Assad in power.

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