Italy Opens the Door to Disaster

Italian officials are turning a blind eye to the Syrian refugees fleeing the country for Northern Europe. And even the refugees themselves are worried that anyone could be traveling in their midst -- even terrorists with the Islamic State.


Are the Islamic State’s Losses in Iraq Offset by Gains in Syria?

The group is on the march in Syria as it is beaten back in Iraq.


Is Turkey Getting Cozy With Iran?

Turkey's president once brought his country closer to Iran. Now, despite hand-holding and smiles, he finds himself facing off against the Islamic Republic in a regional war.

The Cable

‘Elite’ U.S. Military Gear Hoarded by Islamic State Leaders

Despite the images we’ve seen splashed across the web of Islamic State fighters driving around Syria and Iraq in American Humvees and waving U.S.-made weapons, ...

The Cable

Why Don Draper Would Be Impressed by the Islamic State

Whether or not it meant to, the Islamic State has pulled off a flawless branding campaign. It's now the premier terror group in the world.

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