Dozens Dead After Terrorist Rampage at Pakistani University

It remains unclear who is responsible for a deadly terrorist attack that left dozens dead at a Pakistani university Wednesday.


Pakistani Taliban Boast of a Deadly and Productive 2015

The Pakistani Taliban bragged Monday that they have killed more than 680 people this year.


The Islamic State of Afghanistan

With the caliphate growing across Central Asia, it's time to make a deal with the Taliban -- the enemy we know.

The Cable

Bergdahl to Be Court-Martialed for Desertion and Could Face Life in Prison

Bowe Bergdahl is to be court-martialed for deserting his post in Afghanistan.


The Man on the Operating Table

Baynazar Mohammad Nazar was a husband and a father of four — and a patient killed during the attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz. This is his story.

The South Asia Channel

In Nangarhar, IS Recruits

IS recruits in Afghanistan’s weak border province, but can they avoid the long-standing mistrust and shifting loyalties that characterize the Af-Pak border?

The Cable

‘I’ll Do My Best, Praying for You All’

A new MSF report goes into harrowing detail about the Oct. 3 U.S. airstrike on its hospital in Kunduz.

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