The South Asia Channel

Protesting Against Terrorism in Pakistan

Civil society activists and a pro-Taliban group protest each other in an escalating cycle.

The South Asia Channel

Is There an Islamic State of AfPak?

Will an IS branch in AfPak take hold, even after the death of its deputy chief Abdul Rauf Khadim?

The Cable

Pentagon Intel Chief: Prisoners in Bergdahl Swap Could Return to Battle

The Defense Department's intelligence chief said there was a 20 percent chance one of the prisoners swapped for Bowe Bergdahl could return to the battle field.


Bergdahl Verdict Will Be White House’s Next Political Headache

As the Army mulls charging the former POW with desertion, the Obama administration braces for new attacks on its prisoner exchange with the Taliban.

The South Asia Channel

Capture the Flag in Afghanistan

ISIS is trying to make inroads into Afghanistan but how likely are Afghan’s to replace their white Taliban flags with the black ISIS flag?

The South Asia Channel

And the War Goes On

For Afghan refugees, the conflict is not over.


Taliban: U.S. Leaving Afghanistan in ‘Defeat’

The administration is ending America’s longest war just as the Taliban reconquer much of Afghanistan and continue their push towards Kabul.

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