The South Asia Channel

Who’s Talking for the Taliban?

The Afghan government's discussions with the Taliban earlier this month sparked hope for an eventual peace process, but were those in attendance speaking on behalf of the Taliban? Or will rifts between the Taliban's political office in Doha and the factions in the field prove fatal to negotiations?

The South Asia Channel

Terrorists on the Dais: How Terrorists Exploit the Media

By covering terrorist attacks in never-ending news cycles, journalists are playing into the terrorists’ strategy.

The South Asia Channel

The Taliban’s Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

Any expansion of the Islamic State into Afghanistan is worrying enough to disquiet the Taliban, and it changes the nature of the insurgency. Afghanistan and Pakistan need to respond accordingly.


In Battle of Jihadi Groups, Pakistani Taliban Prefers al Qaeda Over ISIS

The Pakistani Taliban has published an essay criticizing the Islamic State's aggressive tactics.

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