All Hail, the Brother of the Lion of Panjshir!

Ahmad Zia Massoud is fed up with Kabul and threatening to fill the power vacuum inside Afghanistan’s crumbling government.

The Cable

Serial Recap: The Meaning of Bowe Bergdahl

What does Bergdahl mean for those who served, and the nation in general?


Lahore Blast Caps Deadly Week, From Asia to Europe

At least 144 were killed in terror attacks last week that showed the vast reach of extremists' targets.


Obama’s Afghan Dilemma: To Bomb or Not to Bomb

As Kabul’s fragile army struggles to hold the line, will Washington’s warplanes come to the rescue?


An FP Conversation: What Qualifies as War Crimes in the 21st Century?

Foreign Policy spoke with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Tobias Lindholm about war crimes in the 21st century, and who is responsible for them.

Best Defense

In Afghanistan, how about trying this?: Don’t just do something, stand there

Some of his national security advisors are encouraging President Obama to keep American military personnel in Afghanistan past his self-imposed deadline of having all but about 5,500 U.S. troops out by the end of the year.

The Cable

Serial Recap, Episode 6: Bergdahl Reaches His Breaking Point

Bowe Bergdahl thought the Army was failing him and other soldiers, but one incident pushed him over the edge


‘The Rise of the American Taliban’

Pakistan’s elite on the Trump phenomenon.

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