Can Cartoons Save Pakistan’s Children From Jihad?

A bold movement of progressive publishers and artists is bringing new comic book heroes to Pakistan’s at-risk children.


Obama Slows Withdrawal From a War He Pledged to End

With the Taliban on the move, the president opts to keep more U.S. troops in Afghanistan, extending America’s longest war.


Watch Some of Murdered Pakistani Singer Amjad Sabri’s Most Popular Performances

Amjad Sabri was gunned down in Karachi Wednesday by assailants on motorcycles.


Blood Lapis: How Mining Funds Afghanistan’s Violence

A Global Witness report details how lapis has become a conflict mineral in Afghanistan.


The Millions Left Behind in Afghanistan

With war intensifying as U.S. and NATO troops head home, promises made to help the millions of internally displaced are woefully unfulfilled.


What Was Mullah Mansour Doing in Iran?

In the wake of the Taliban leader’s death, we’re only now coming to understand just how ties between Tehran and the Taliban are evolving.


Exclusive: Iran Teams With Taliban to Fight Islamic State in Afghanistan

Tehran and the Taliban have been at each other's throats for decades, but the Islamic State's rise has the two historical enemies teaming up like never before.


Meet the Taliban’s New Mullah, Same as the Taliban’s Old Mullah

The rise of Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada shows that the Taliban’s old guard is still holding the reins of power -- and deciding the future of the Afghan war.


The Magical Thinking of Killing Mullah Mansour

Why does anyone still think that bombing terrorist leaders still works?

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