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‘I’ll Do My Best, Praying for You All’

A new MSF report goes into harrowing detail about the Oct. 3 U.S. airstrike on its hospital in Kunduz.


MSF Hospital Survivors Recount a Night of Horror

With the roar of a plane overhead, doctors and patients huddled in the basement as the hospital went up in flames.


Washington and Kabul Stand in the Way of International Probe Into Kunduz Attack

President Obama apologized for the airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz, but now he stands in the way of an international probe into whether it was a war crime.


Inside the MSF Hospital Bombing in Kunduz

An exclusive first look at the horrific aftermath of the U.S. attack in northern Afghanistan.


The Taliban Are Winning

And the taking of Kunduz was just a dry run for the eventual attack on Kabul.


On the Road to Kunduz: Follow an FP Contributor’s Journey on Instagram

Kabul-based photographer and FP contributor Andrew Quilty is in Kunduz, Afghanistan this week to report on the fall-out from U.S. airstrikes that hit a hospital there. Follow along on Instagram @foreignpolicymag.

The South Asia Channel

Watching Kunduz Collapse From the Sidelines

The fall of Kunduz jeopardizes Pakistan's quest for internal stability.

The South Asia Channel

The Regional Roots of Kunduz’s Collapse

If an amalgamation of Taliban, Uzbek, Tajik, and other fighters are allowed to exist in the north, they may win over the support of local populations out of fear and hopelessness.

The South Asia Channel

Kunduz City Falls

Security in Kunduz did not deteriorate overnight. For more than a decade, the NATO and Afghan government strategy in the province has been clumsy and largely ineffective.

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