The South Asia Channel

Who’s Talking for the Taliban?

The Afghan government's discussions with the Taliban earlier this month sparked hope for an eventual peace process, but were those in attendance speaking on behalf of the Taliban? Or will rifts between the Taliban's political office in Doha and the factions in the field prove fatal to negotiations?


How to Fix Afghanistan’s Broken Peace Process

The country's new president has breathed fresh life into talks with the Taliban. But can he broker a deal that his people will get behind?

The South Asia Channel

The Taliban’s Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

Any expansion of the Islamic State into Afghanistan is worrying enough to disquiet the Taliban, and it changes the nature of the insurgency. Afghanistan and Pakistan need to respond accordingly.


In Battle of Jihadi Groups, Pakistani Taliban Prefers al Qaeda Over ISIS

The Pakistani Taliban has published an essay criticizing the Islamic State's aggressive tactics.

The South Asia Channel

Diversionary Tactics

The Taliban's offensive in Kunduz province is a diversion that will serve to distract the Afghan army away from the real goal -- Helmand province.

Shadow Government

Whiplash in Washington

The breaking news on Wednesday about Afghanistan may give the average reader whiplash. First, President Obama announced that he has decided to defer the troop drawdown ...


Has the Caliphate Come to Kabul?

Fear of the Islamic State is making for strange bedfellows in the land of warlords and the Taliban.


Embracing New Afghan President, U.S. Says Ghani Is No Hamid Karzai

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's visit to Washington is expected to reflect a new, cooperative relationship between his country and the United States.


Portrait of the Nation as a Young Army

The varied faces on Afghanistan's front line.

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