John Walker Lindh, 'The American Taliban,' Will Go Free In Two Years

In leaked correspondence from prison, the ‘American Taliban’ refuses to renounce terrorism, says he wants to move to Ireland.

The Cable

The New, Old War in Afghanistan

Sixteen years into a war Washington refuses to walk away from, a new strategy, led by the Pentagon, is about to start the effort anew.


Afghanistan Blames Pakistan for Planning Deadly Kabul Attack

Afghan intelligence services admit they knew an attack was coming, but blame the government next door for organizing it.


What’s the Point of Donald Trump’s Afghan Surge?

And four other questions the President's team needs to answer before expanding America’s longest war.

The Cable

Washington Scrambles to Shore Up Faltering Afghan War Effort

Trump heading to Brussels to ask European allies to do more, everywhere, but he might get the cold shoulder


‘Mission Accomplished’ Will Never Come in Afghanistan

Will the Trump administration put American interests first, or the president’s own obsession with "winning"?


Pakistan Is the Crisis Flying Under the Radar

Why the Trump administration needs a plan for Pakistan, now.


Exclusive: ICC Poised to Open Investigation into War Crimes in Afghanistan

The investigation could expose U.S. personnel to international justice inquiry for the first time.

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