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U.S. to Send Troops to Somalia Amid Blowback

Trump declared Somalia a war zone. Al-Shabab pushed back. Now we’ve got boots on the ground.

The Cable

Unrest in Venezuela and Hungary, An Attack in Egypt, Tillerson to Moscow: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

Catch up on all the top headlines from the weekend, and read what to watch in the days to come.


Putin Is Soft on Terrorism

While St. Petersburg mourns the dead, Russia’s president is calling for a war against terrorists. Don’t fall for it.

The Cable

What We Know and Don’t Know About the St. Petersburg Metro Bomber

Important details begin to emerge about the 22-year-old suicide bomber.

The Cable

Explosion in St. Petersburg Metro Kills 14, Wounds Over 50

No group has claimed credit for the attack and Russia isn’t blaming terrorism yet.


Bombed in Their Homes, Civilians in Mosul Blame Reckless Coalition Forces

As the war to retake the city from the Islamic State intensifies, a terrified population fears the worst.

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