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Comey: FBI Becoming ‘Prolific Hacker’ Won’t End Encryption Crisis

James Comey says the FBI "paid a ton of dough" for the San Bernardino exploit, but that it doesn't work for other devices.


Belgian Minister: Do I Really Need Proof to Say Muslims Danced After Brussels Attacks?

Belgium's interior minister is being asked to explain his claims that Muslims danced in celebration after last month's terrorist attacks.

The Cable

Top Republicans Are Uneasy About Saudi 9/11 Bill

A handful of top Republicans in Congress expressed skepticism Tuesday about a Senate bill that would let U.S. citizens sue Saudi Arabia over the 9/11 attacks -- a positive sign for White House efforts to derail the legislation ahead of President Barack Obama’s trip to Riyadh this week.

The Cable

FBI Tech Boss: Govt. Hacking Won’t Solve Encryption Crisis

Amy Hess, the FBI’s executive assistant director for science and technology, says the bureau lacks the chops to consistently hack devices.

The Cable

Report: Islamic State Annual Revenue Down Nearly 30 Percent

Islamic State revenues take a 30 percent hit.

Shadow Government

America’s Biggest Challenge in Africa

Africa is now playing host to the most dynamic battles in the global war between terrorists and civilization.

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