The Squeeze Is On Against Hamas

The Islamist movement's Arab neighbors, together with Israel, are cutting off its few remaining lifelines — and hoping not to spark a war.

The Cable

DHS Strips Funding From Group That Counters Neo-Nazi Violence

Trump’s approach to fighting extremism puts law enforcement front and center. Critics say that’s dangerous.


John Walker Lindh, 'The American Taliban,' Will Go Free In Two Years

In leaked correspondence from prison, the ‘American Taliban’ refuses to renounce terrorism, says he wants to move to Ireland.

The Cable

To Fight Terror, Will Aussies Give Up Their Guns?

After recent attacks, the first national gun amnesty since 1996 encourages people to turn in unregistered weapons.

The Cable

‘The U.S. Constitution Does Not Have to Be a Suicide Pact’

Once-fringe views about Islam and radicalization are becoming more mainstream.

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