The Greatest Divorce in the Jihadi World

Al Qaeda wasn’t about to take ISIS’s defection from its ranks lying down. In Part III of an exclusive series, an Islamic State insider describes the events that led to civil war within the anti-Assad ranks.


How the Islamic State Seized a Chemical Weapons Stockpile

When jihadists captured a Syrian military base, they found a cache of some of the world’s most dangerous weapons buried in its bunkers. In Part II of an exclusive series, an Islamic State member explains how they eventually fell into the hands of the self-styled “caliphate.”


Present at the Creation

The never-told-before story of the meeting that led to the creation of ISIS, as explained by an Islamic State insider.


Need Proof That Terrorists Are Winning? Witnesses Thought This Flash Mob in Spain Was a Brutal Attack.

Five German were arrested for organizing a flash mob after witnesses thought it was a terrorist attack.

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