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Under Fire, U.S. Suspends Part of Syrian Rebel Training Program

The United States has suspended a critical piece of the troubled program to train and equip Syrian fighters to battle the Islamic State, putting the ...


‘Close Your Eyes and Pretend to Be Dead’

What really happened two years ago in the bloody attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall.


How a U.N. Drone Crashed in Congo and Was Promptly Forgotten

An FP special report from the front lines of the flailing U.N. effort to use drones to save lives in a war-ravaged stretch of eastern Africa.


Can the U.S.-Saudi Relationship Survive Riyadh's Sponsorship of Islamic Radicalism?

King Salman came to Washington touting military and counterterrorism cooperation. But can the U.S.-Saudi relationship survive the House of Saud’s sponsorship of Islamic radicalism across the globe?


The Islamic State Offers Opportunity to Buy Chinese and Norwegian Hostages

The Islamic State's latest issue of its online magazine advertises two hostages, one Chinese and one Norwegian, who are up for sale.


Did Iran Give Up the Khobar Towers Terrorist?

It sure looks like it. And that signals an interesting change in Iran’s post-nuclear deal relations with America.


Alek Skarlatos Thwarted a Terrorist Attack. But Can He Waltz?

Army National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos tackled a gunman on a Paris-bound train in August. Now he'll try to dance his way to the top on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."


A Blow to the Heart of Ukrainian Democracy

Monday's grenade attack in Kiev has upended Ukrainian politics -- with unpredictable consequences.

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