On the Road to Kunduz: Follow an FP Contributor’s Journey on Instagram

Kabul-based photographer and FP contributor Andrew Quilty is in Kunduz, Afghanistan this week to report on the fall-out from U.S. airstrikes that hit a hospital there. Follow along on Instagram @foreignpolicymag.

The Cable

Top U.S. Commander: American Troops Need to Stay in Afghanistan

The U.S. Army general leading the 14,000-strong NATO force in Afghanistan made a plea on Tuesday to leave American forces in Afghanistan longer to train ...


The Failed State Roadshow

Days after a motion for his impeachment was dismissed, FP sat down with Somalia's president for an exclusive conversation about terrorism, democracy, and whether his parliament has the right to ask him to step down.

Shadow Government

Extremists Without Borders

The world needs a system to stop radicalized fighters from traveling.

The Cable

U.S. Point Man for Global Effort to Defeat the Islamic State Heads for Exit

U.S. officials say retired Marine Gen. John Allen expected to call it quits after a year of trying to win battlegrounds and corral coalition partners against the Islamic State.


‘Close Your Eyes and Pretend to Be Dead’

What really happened two years ago in the bloody attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall.

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