How France’s Fight With Islam Became a Bestseller

David Thomson was one of the first to declare religion a part of the problem in France’s war on terror. Now he’s become the country’s hottest intellectual.

Shadow Government

To Combat Illegal Immigration, Trump Should Target Latin America’s Hezbollah-Narco Nexus

Violent drug cartels and Islamic terror networks increasingly cooperate.

The Cable

Berlin Attacker’s Past Spurs New Questions on Old Controversies in Europe

Meanwhile, the death toll for refugees trying to make it to Europe has hit 5,000.


Berlin’s Zero Hour Is Also Angela Merkel’s

After an attack on the German capital, the chancellor’s moment of reckoning is upon her.

The Cable

ISIS Claims Berlin Attack While Right-Wing Politicians Blast Merkel

Europe’s refugee crisis tinges political reaction to the Christmas market assault.

The Cable

Five Things to Worry About After the Assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey

It may not spell a third world war. But here's what could happen after the assassination.


Imprisoned by al Qaeda, Saved by a Kitten

How I slipped my jihadi captors and escaped from Syria.

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