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Sudan Hopes for Sanctions Repeal as Deadline Looms

Khartoum hopes to get a permanent lifting of sanctions now that it’s playing ball with Washington in the fight on terror.

The Cable

SitRep: North Korea Conducts Longest Missile Test Yet

  By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley Kim’s missiles. North Korea fired another ballistic missile over Japan on Friday, issuing another direct challenge to Washington, ...


The Next Wave of Extremists Will Be Green

Militant environmentalism is coming. And we aren’t ready for it.


The Law Should Treat Domestic Terror as the Equivalent of International Terror

There is no federal crime of domestic terrorism with which James Fields can be charged.


The Long Shadow of al-Andalus

Spain is on the periphery of Europe, but central to modern jihad.


Berliners Gather at Brandenburg Gate to Denounce Charlottesville Nazis

Crowds chanted “Nazi scum go away” and collected donations for victims of the violence.


Scenes From Central Asia’s Forever War

In Kyrgyzstan’s Fergana Valley, ethnic strife, corruption, and poverty collide in the country’s ongoing fight against extremism.


‘Our Future Will Be Violent Extremism’

Kazakhstan — Central Asia’s most stable state — is waking up to the fact that Islamic extremism has planted its roots and is here to stay.

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