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Somalia’s Presidential Election Is Postponed Again. What Now?

This does not bode well for the safety, security, or society of Somalia.

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In Stunning Reversal, Trump Scraps His Calls to Bring Back Torture

Trump talks about reviving torture but one of his favorite generals says no


Trump’s America Will Be Giuliani’s New York Plus Nuclear Weapons

And if there’s another 9/11, all bets are off.


Trump’s Team Could Bring 9/11 Mindset Back to the White House

From restoring torture to expanding surveillance, the president-elect’s picks for national security advisor, CIA director, and attorney general favor a no-holds-barred approach to Islamist extremists at home and abroad.


Can the Islamic State Lose Mosul and Still Win?

There’s a well-established playbook for pivoting to guerilla warfare.

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Best Defense

War and tweets: What we’ve learned from the Orlando shootings about how best to respond to terrorist attacks

The reasons Orlando was able to absorb adversity relatively well in the face of a terrible attack may be instructive for other cities.

The Cable

Americans Killed by Afghan Army Gunman in Kabul

The attack is the first of its kind in over a year, but comes amid a Taliban offensive.

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