François Hollande’s Paris Power Grab

A reform to France's emergency law provides French police with extraordinary authority and concentrates power in the executive for the next three months.


Alleged Paris Attacks Mastermind Declared Dead as France Warns of Chemical Attacks

The alleged mastermind behind Friday's attacks in Paris has been confirmed dead, but European officials warn that other terrorist cells remain a threat.

Best Defense

To defeat ISIL, deny it sanctuary and territory — using a Mideast ground force. Also, give up democratizing the region.

ISIL is now the leader of an insurgency in the Muslim world long in the making.


In Nigeria, $2 Billion in Stolen Funds Is Just a Drop in the Corruption Bucket

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari claims his predecessor's national security advisor stole $2 billion in funds. Another $148 billion might still be missing.


Kurds Can’t Be Syria’s Saviors

Washington’s new allies in the fight against the Islamic State are gaining ground. But their Kurdish leaders are getting in the way.

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