Turkey Goes to War

Ankara is organizing Syrian rebels for an assault on the Islamic State’s last stronghold along the Turkish border and could even use its warplanes to support their advance.

The Cable

That Time McCain and Clapper Purportedly Argued About Torture? It Never Happened.

Sen. John McCain and DNI James Clapper never argued about terrorism; McCain had the dust-up with Michael Hayden.


Iran to United Nations; New Sanctions Could Kill Nuclear Deal

Tehran is warning that it may “reconsider its commitments” under the pact if the U.S. and its allies reimpose nuclear sanctions over its alleged support for terrorism and human rights abuses.


It Just Got Easier for Iran to Fund Terrorism

The more than $100 billion in sanctions relief is just one reason Tehran agreed to the nuclear deal. Its readmission into an obscure financial network is the real prize.


U.S. to Boost Military Aid to Nigeria for Boko Haram Fight

Washington wants to help Nigeria’s new president battle one of Africa’s deadliest terrorist groups, but don’t expect a fleet of surveillance drones to be part of the mix.

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