Death Throes of the Pakistani Taliban

Why the brutal attacks in Peshawar have already backfired against the TTP.


The Unmasking of an Islamic State Twitter Troll

The last private message I received from the pro-Islamic State Twitter user Shami Witness was one day before an investigation by Channel 4 revealed his ...


Soldiers for Ignorance

Why the Taliban can’t win in its fight against the future -- and other bad omens for 2015.


The Pakistani Taliban's War on Education, by the Numbers

The Pakistani Taliban's ruthless attacks on schools, teachers, and activists have disrupted the education of hundreds of thousands of Pakistani children.


Sydney Hostage Crisis Spawns #Illridewithyou Twitter Campaign

There is now a predictable cycle that seems to follow every perceived act of Islamist terror: first the attack, then the violent confrontation with police, ...


A Walk Down Putin Avenue

Life inside the first city that Russia’s strongman crushed and conquered.


Terrorism Risk Insurance Gets House Extension

House Republicans and Democrats found common ground on backing the terrorism insurance industry and voted to extend a federal backstop for the industry Wednesday, as ...


CIA’s Claims That Torture Stopped ‘Karachi Plots’ Are Baseless, Senate Report Says

The CIA has long claimed that it stopped a plan to destroy the U.S. Consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi thanks to intelligence gleaned ...


‘A Stain On Our Values and Our History’

The Senate’s torture report paints a picture of a spy agency run amok, but the CIA says someone had to do the dirty work.


A Pistol Near the Head and a Cordless Drill Near the Body

The Senate’s torture report says a CIA operative terrorized an al Qaeda suspect. Then things got really brutal.

After Cuba Comes Iran

After Cuba Comes Iran

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

Shadows in a Silver Cloud

The Security Council Intifada

The Security Council Intifada

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

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