The Linchpin

Why India needs to be at the center of the U.S. pivot to Asia.


Gitmo Troops Get a Car Show While Inmates Sweat in 12-Foot Boxes

Guantánamo Bay's reputation as the dark heart of America's war on terror tends to overshadow its more banal role as a naval base -- filled ...

The Middle East Channel

Shaping the Syrian Conflict from Kuwait

One night during Ramadan this summer, Hamad al-Matar, a former Kuwaiti member of parliament (MP), invited guests over to donate "to prepare 12,000 Jihadists for ...


The Name’s Bond, Larry Bond

Meet the man who inspired Tom Clancy and The Hunt for Red October.


This Man Decides Whether Russians Consume Moldovan Wine, Lithuanian Cheese, and Ukrainian Chocolate

You may not have heard of Gennady Onishchenko, but if his own accounts are to be believed, he's the Russian government official who single-handedly averts ...

The Complex

Pentagon Pushes for Zombie Satellites by 2016

  The Pentagon just made its biggest investment yet into a project to build new satellites in space by reusing the parts of dead satellites. ...

The Cable

New Syrian Weapons Disposal Plan: Send Them to Scandinavia

Having secured Syria's pledge to give up its stores of more than 1000 metric tons of chemical weapons, nerve agents, and precursors, the United Nations ...


Found: Bibi’s Missing Cartoon Posters on Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Imagining a presentation full of Benjamin Netanyahu's strangest metaphors for the menace posed by Tehran.

The Cable

Not Even the NSA Can Crack the State Dept’s Favorite Anonymous Network

A far-flung group of geeks, supported by the U.S. State Department, has built a tool for anonymous communication that's so secure that even the world's ...

Terms of Engagement

‘Everyone Is Scared of ISIS.’

Can anyone stop the radicalization of Syrian rebels?

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