The United States Is Mostly Out of Afghanistan, but Torture of Detainees There Continues

A new report finds that 35 percent of detainees in Afghan-run detention facilities interviewed by the U.N. had been tortured or mistreated.

The Cable

Feinstein Outlines Steps to Prevent Torture

Less than a month after the controversial release of the Senate report on U.S. use of torture in the past, a powerful California lawmaker wants to ...


No One Expects the Bush Administration!

Torquemada Cheney does the Sunday talk shows.


How Obama Can Solve All His Torture Report Woes at Once

How Obama can solve all his torture report problems in one fell swoop.


Half-Baked Justice

Have you ever employed enhanced interrogation techniques…on weed?


The Torture Report Is Only the First Step

Next must come investigation, punishment, and binding law to make sure that America never loses sight of its morals again.


From Bush to Obama, Eyes Wide Shut

The same memo Bush used to wall himself off from the details of CIA torture is keeping Obama’s drone war alive.

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