The Kurdish Government Is Torturing Boys

Boys as young as 11, accused of fighting for the Islamic State, are being detained and brutally tortured in prisons.

The Cable

SitRep: POTUS Says Torture “Works;” DoD and CIA Chiefs Blindsided by Executive Order; Safe Zone in Syria

Secret White House Budget in the Works; North Korea Teetering; Trump’s Unsecure Phone; And Lots More

The Cable

Drafts of Trump Orders on Gitmo and Interrogation Spark Fear of Return to 9/11-Era Mindset

The new president is reportedly considering moves to declare Guantanamo open for business and consider a return to “black sites” and enhanced interrogation for new detainees.

Best Defense

President-elect Trump at the New York Times on waterboarding and Gen. Mattis

I was interested that Trump, by his account, went out of his way to ask General Mattis about the efficacy of torture.

The Cable

CIA Chief: We Won’t Torture, Even If Ordered To

John Brennan says he'll never go along with waterboarding.

The Cable

In Speech on Global Human Rights Abuses, Kerry Attacks Trump

The release of the State Department’s annual report on human rights typically focuses on grotesque abuses and atrocities in far-flung corners of the world. But this year, Secretary of State John Kerry found himself addressing something closer to home: the vigorous endorsement of torture by the leading 2016 Republican presidential candidates.

The Cable

Trump Flip-Flops on Promise to Torture Suspects, Kill Families of Terrorists

Donald Trump has changed course on his widely-condemned promise to bring back torture and kill families of terrorists.


How Assad’s Prisoners Die

A new report released by U.N. investigators documents atrocities that took place in Syrian government prisons.


This Tunisian Wants His Nation to Know Its Torturers

Tunisians have never received a public accounting for the crimes of the old dictatorship. Gilbert Naccache says that must change.

Best Defense

I don’t believe a word of what torture advocates say — and neither should you

News sources are reporting that the long-awaited release of the summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s torture program is just days away. Thanks to anonymous sources, we already know some of what this summary will say: “enhanced” interrogation techniques (EITS) yielded little, if any significant intelligence, and the CIA misled the government and the public about both the severity of its methods and this program’s success.

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