This Tunisian Wants His Nation to Know Its Torturers

Tunisians have never received a public accounting for the crimes of the old dictatorship. Gilbert Naccache says that must change.

Best Defense

I don’t believe a word of what torture advocates say — and neither should you

News sources are reporting that the long-awaited release of the summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s torture program is just days away. Thanks to anonymous sources, we already know some of what this summary will say: “enhanced” interrogation techniques (EITS) yielded little, if any significant intelligence, and the CIA misled the government and the public about both the severity of its methods and this program’s success.


The Mystery of Islam Salah al-Din Atitu

The Cairo university student left home to take a final exam. The next day, he turned up in a city morgue, with marks of torture on his body, and police peddling a suspicious story about how he got there.


Mission Unstoppable

From drone strikes to prison torture, the CIA has been pulling the strings of U.S. foreign policy since 9/11. And if history is a guide, the agency will be calling the shots in the Middle East for years to come.


Watchdogs Say U.S. Turned Blind Eye to Uzbek Abuse

Washington was more focused on securing military aid from Karimov for war in neighboring Afghanistan, human rights advocates say.


Whatever Happened to Bahrain’s Torture Reforms?

Despite promises of change, abuses by police and security services remain commonplace in the kingdom.


The Women in the Middle of Syria's Civil War

Rampant sexual assault has unmade allegiances in Syria's civil war -- and it may well get worse no matter which side wins.

The Cable

CIA Director Paints a Gloomy Picture of the World, but a Rosy One of His Spy Agency

John Brennan said fighting terrorism today requires close relationships with foreign spies.


Washington's network of abusive Afghan strongmen

The United States continues to fund and support a network of abusive Afghan strongmen in the name of security. It's time to stop.


The United States Is Mostly Out of Afghanistan, but Torture of Detainees There Continues

A new report finds that 35 percent of detainees in Afghan-run detention facilities interviewed by the U.N. had been tortured or mistreated.

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