Meet the Motley Crew Charged With Seeing Britain Out of the EU

The new government has no fewer than five officials appointed to implement the Brexit. And no one — including them — knows how they’re going to do it.

The Cable

U.K. To Wall Street: We’re Open For Business Despite Brexit

Britain moves to assure international investors that Brexit is not a bad thing.


U.S., EU: Full Speed Ahead with Transatlantic Trade Deal, Despite Brexit

The White House rules out moving a bilateral trade deal with Britain to the front of the line.


The ‘Leave’ Camp Won. That Doesn’t Mean Brexit Will Happen.

Referendums aren’t binding. Just ask the Greeks, who voted to reject EU austerity measures and then saw their government cave anyway.


Everything Is Awful, Brexit Edition

From the 2016 presidential election to the West’s standoff with Russia, the Brexit could reshape the world order for years to come.


How Hillary Can Flip-Flop on Her Free Trade Flip-Flop

Politics motivated Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop on Obama’s massive Pacific trade deal. Here’s how she can find her way back to supporting it.

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