The Cable

Around the Globe, Opposition to Obama’s Sweeping Pacific Trade Deal Is Lining Up

The release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has critics lining up to try to bring it down.

The Cable

Fate of the Export-Import Bank Now in the Hands of the Senate

The Export-Import Bank gets new life in the House. Now, it's fate lies in the Senate.

The Cable

WHO: Processed Meat Causes Cancer in Humans

The WHO's research arms says processed and red meats can cause cancer.

Shadow Government

Hillary Clinton’s Three Options for Handling the TPP if She Becomes President

Now that Clinton has come out against the trade deal, what could she do about it if she's elected?

Shadow Government

Clinton’s TPP Paradox: Why Is the Trade Pact Worse than the Iran Deal?

The democratic presidential contender is using the same logic to oppose the the trade deal that she excoriated in the critics of the nuclear agreement.

The South Asia Channel

U.S.-India Defense Ties: A Delicate Dance

Defense ties between the United States and India have seen a marked improvement, but both nations need to address some hurdles to maintain the momentum.

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