Obama Needs to Stop Playing Small Ball With Cuba

Or a Republican in the White House, backed by a fearful, anti-Cuba Congress, could undo -- in an instant -- all his good work.


How Dragon Mart Explains the World

A head-spinning visit to Dubai’s massive Chinese mega-mall.

The Cable

Time Is Running Out On Obama’s Push to Pass Asian Trade Deal

The White House is pressing Congress to get Obama's Asian trade deal done before the president leaves office.


China’s Self-Inflicted Wounds Can Harm the Rest of the World, Too

Chinese officials have dual currency and equity crises. Beijing’s attempts at solving them are only making things worse.

The Cable

U.S. and Global Markets Are In A Panic as New Year Begins

Bad news in China, North Korea, and low oil prices have world markets spooked as the year gets underway.


The TPP Train Could Still Get Derailed

There's a long way to go before the United States passes real trade legislation — and it may not end up being what the American people want.


Africa’s Boom Is Over

Africa was never going to get far without manufacturing — and it can’t do so under today’s trade and investment treaties.

Shadow Government

One of the Biggest Objections to the TPP Just Went Up In Smoke

Philip Morris just lost the case against the Australian government that had opponents of the deal wringing their hands.

The Cable

Senate GOP May Scuttle Obama’s Signature Trade Deal — at Least For Now

The White House is pushing back against threats to delay Obama's signature trade deal until after the 2016 elections.

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