Uncle Sam Just Wants to Make Friends

This week's Summit of the Americas should be Washington's big chance to make nice with Cuba. But the clumsy handling of Venezuela has made enemies.


How Canada Could Cash In on California’s Drought

America's water-rich neighbor to the north is seeing green in the Golden State's dry rivers and dead crops.

The Cable

Defense Chief Carter Touts Benefits of Pacific Trade Deal

Could support from unconventional corners give the languishing trade deal a shot in the arm?

Shadow Government

Is President Obama Too Late on Trade?

It's high time for President Obama to tell Americans where he stands on free trade.


Gold, Oil, and Cigarettes: How an Obscure Trade Provision Protects the World’s Biggest Companies

Investor-state provisions in free trade agreements allow companies to arbitrate disputes with governments outside of local courts.

Shadow Government

Republicans Must Support Free Markets and Fast Track

If the Republican brand stands for anything at all, it's a belief in free markets. Advancing free trade agreements has the added benefit of spreading ...

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