Why China’s U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Is Good News

Can Beijing’s sale of dollar reserves actually be a positive for America’s economy?

Shadow Government

Is a Major Trade Deal the Way for Obama to Secure His Legacy?

Last month President Barack Obama addressed his plans for expanding trade before a group of corporate leaders, complaining, “There’s a narrative there that makes for ...


Putin’s Eurasian Dream Is Over Before It Began

The Eurasian Union that came into effect on Jan. 1 isn’t a sign of Moscow’s growing regional influence. It’s a sign of its decline.

Shadow Government

Why 2015 Should Be the Year of Trade

When surveying the global landscape, there are many reasons for concern. At least two countries -- China and Russia -- show signs of seeking regional ...

Shadow Government

Remembering Bill Frenzel

Remembering a Congressman.

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