9 Ways the TPP Is Bad for Developing Countries

The TPP is supposed to create a level playing field for trade. Instead, it unfairly shackles developing economies.


North America: the Next Great Emerging Market?

Why the United States, Canada, and Mexico are positioned to be the global economic drivers of the 21st century.

The Cable

Pelosi, the Last Hurdle to Obama’s Trade Agenda, Acknowledges Defeat

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just admitted defeat, paving the way for Obama's trade agenda.

The South Asia Channel

Monsoons on the New Silk Road

China must gain India's trust on the security front in order to win Indian cooperation for its ambitious regional economic initiatives.

The Cable

How Obama Defeated His Own Party to Win Fast-Track Trade Authority

The Senate gave Obama fast-track trade authority, making the Trans-Pacific Partnership all but inevitable.

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