Shadow Government

ASEAN’s Golden Moment in a Time of Crisis

If Trump wants to put pressure on North Korea or China, he's going to need to have good friends in Asia.

Elephants in the Room

Don’t Leave U.S. Support for Africa Hanging by a Thread

For well over a decade, it has been increasingly difficult to find issues on which Republicans and Democrats can agree, but this is one: Since ...

Elephants in the Room

Trump’s China Policy Must Look Beyond North Korea

The White House should consider the long term in its dealings with Beijing.

The Cable

Trump Promises ‘Big’ U.K. Trade Deal. Here Are the Challenges

Disputes over chicken, beef and cars need to be ironed out before a deal can be made.

The Cable

Chickens Overshadow Trade Talks Between the U.S. and U.K.

Negotiations are just starting, but concerns over chlorine-washed poultry from America are already getting in the way.

The Cable

Chinese Steel Output Hits All-Time High

Just in time for Trump’s big push against Chinese steel imports.

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