China’s Rise and the U.S. Trade War With India

Washington and New Delhi may be natural allies, but that doesn’t mean that they see eye to eye on economic ties.

The Cable

Here’s Where China’s Economic Slide Will Hurt the U.S. Economy

China's economic slide could have a ripple affect on the American economy. But certain U.S. sectors are more vulnerable than others.

The Cable

Here’s Why Global Markets Rallied as Chinese Stocks Continue to Fall

Markets around the world are rallying Tuesday thanks to China's central bank's combination punch: low interest rates and more money.


China’s Market Slide Turns an Economic Crisis Into a Political One

With Wall Street reeling from China’s slowdown, President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Washington might be a rocky one.

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Will Fed Chief Janet Yellen Ignore China and Follow Through on an Interest Rate Hike?

Will China's decision to devaluate its currency cause Fed chief Janet Yellen to balk on a rate hike?

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