Putin’s Kalashnikov Diplomacy Gets a Win in Egypt

The Russian leader was in Cairo Tuesday for meetings with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and presented the former general with a modest gift: a Kalashnikov assault rifle.


The Looming U.S.-India Trade War

All seems simpatico between New Delhi and Washington. But with the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the horizon, tensions between the two are certain to boil over.


Suffocating Congo’s War

Rules imposed by Dodd-Frank are cutting off a critical source of funding for armed groups that have plagued the country for more than 20 years.


As Serbian influence creeps back into Kosovo, protests have rocked the young nation

As Serbian influence creeps back into Kosovo, protests have rocked the young nation -- and may bring its government to a grinding halt.


How Dodd-Frank Is Failing Congo

The campaign to stop conflict minerals is supposed to be protecting people’s lives in one of the most fragile parts of Africa. In fact, it seems to be doing the opposite.

Shadow Government

How America Can Unleash India’s Massive Economic Potential

President Barack Obama’s successful summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi reminds us that India, no less than China, will help determine the ...


Why China’s U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Is Good News

Can Beijing’s sale of dollar reserves actually be a positive for America’s economy?

Shadow Government

The Big Ask and a Hand Across the Aisle: How Obama’s SOTU Speech Helped Bring The U.S. Closer to a Trade Deal Breakthrough

A central truth in trade legislation is that nothing happens without a strong push by the president. There are few more contentious issues you face ...

Shadow Government

3 Dangers to the Economy Obama Should Tackle in Tonight's Speech

What if, instead of an occasion for partisan polemics and balcony shout-outs, the State of the Union consisted of a dispassionate assessment of where the ...

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