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Japan’s Abe Sells Trade Deal to Congress

In a 50-minute minute speech in Washington, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made his most high-profile pitch yet for a trans-Pacific trade pact that has divided U.S. lawmakers and turned liberal Democrats against the White House over concerns about job losses and wage stagnation.


Why Buy the Hardware When China Is Getting the IP for Free?

IBM is sharing proprietary technology with Beijing in exchange for market access. Is it savvy or suicide?

The Cable

Democrats Skeptical of Kerry’s Pitch for Global Trade

For weeks, the White House has been lobbying skeptical Democrats to back a trade authorization bill that President Barack Obama needs to secure what would be the largest free trade agreement in history.


Uncle Sam Just Wants to Make Friends

This week's Summit of the Americas should be Washington's big chance to make nice with Cuba. But the clumsy handling of Venezuela has made enemies.


How Canada Could Cash In on California’s Drought

America's water-rich neighbor to the north is seeing green in the Golden State's dry rivers and dead crops.

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