Obama Shows You Can Struggle at Foreign Policy and Still Succeed as President

Perhaps right now, he is the president the United States needs — and with luck, his successor will fix what he could not.

The Cable

How Obama Defeated His Own Party to Win Fast-Track Trade Authority

The Senate gave Obama fast-track trade authority, making the Trans-Pacific Partnership all but inevitable.

The Cable

The Unlikely Boehner-Obama-McConnell Team Scores a Huge Win on Trade

Obama and Boehner teamed up to score a big win on trade. How will Democrats respond?

Shadow Government

Everything You Need to Know About the Long, Complex Process of Passing the TPA

Last week, in a stunning turn of events, Democrats in the House of Representatives imperiled U.S. trade policy and, in the process, U.S. foreign policy, ...

The Cable

GOP Leadership Publicly Commits to Obama’s Asian Trade Deal

GOP leadership just publicly married themselves to Obama's Asia trade bill.

The Cable

Obama’s Asia Trade Deal, on Life Support, Lives to See Another Day

Obama's massive Asia trade deal lives to see another day. But its ultimate fate is still a mystery.

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