The Cable

Canada’s Trudeau Speaks Softly and Carries a Nice Shtick

Now Trump has met with at least one other member of NAFTA.

The Cable

Mexico’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Trolls Trump Hard Over Travel Ban

Give me your start-ups, your coders, your tech-savvy masses.


Abe-Trump Meeting May Yield Clues On Trump’s Trade Vision

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is in Washington to see what, if anything, will replace the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The Cable

Canada Signals Tougher Stance with Trump on Trade

Canadians prefer a trade war to rolling over.


13 International Relations Buzzwords That Need to Get Taken to the Woodshed

From “smart power” to “surgical strike,” the world would be a better place if these phrases were never said again.

Elephants in the Room

How Japan Can ‘Win’ With Trump

The smart play for a core ally like Japan is to make itself relevant to the Trump administration's foreign and economic policy priorities.

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