Shadow Government

The Big Ask and a Hand Across the Aisle: How Obama’s SOTU Speech Helped Bring The U.S. Closer to a Trade Deal Breakthrough

A central truth in trade legislation is that nothing happens without a strong push by the president. There are few more contentious issues you face ...

Shadow Government

3 Dangers to the Economy Obama Should Tackle in Tonight's Speech

What if, instead of an occasion for partisan polemics and balcony shout-outs, the State of the Union consisted of a dispassionate assessment of where the ...

Shadow Government

Why 2015 Should Be the Year of Trade

When surveying the global landscape, there are many reasons for concern. At least two countries -- China and Russia -- show signs of seeking regional ...

Shadow Government

Remembering Bill Frenzel

Remembering a Congressman.


Prince William Wants the World to Help Save the Rhinos

Prince William Comes to Washington to Rally the Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trafficking.

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