The American Brexit Is Coming

Why rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a colossal mistake.

The Cable

Poll: Trump’s Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Trade Talk Isn’t Actually Very Popular

Trump's message plays well with his base but gains little traction with the broader electorate.

The Cable

IMF: Anti-Trade and Immigration Rhetoric Put the U.S. At Risk

The fund warns harsh words on the U.S. campaign trail put globalization at risk.


China’s Gold Rush in the Hills of Appalachia

Buyers in Hong Kong and Beijing are paying top dollar for wild American ginseng, fueling a digging frenzy that could decimate the revered root for good.


The Unfinished Legacy of Obama’s Pivot to Asia

The gridlocked TPP trade deal. Reclaimed islands in the South China Sea. North Korean nukes. How will history judge President Obama’s rebalance to Asia?

The Cable

Obama Arrives in Asia, But His Pacific Trade Deal Is Almost Dead

Obama's pivot to Asia remains incomplete without his signature Pacific trade pact.

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