The Islamic State Hits Turkey Where It Hurts

The terror group is ramping up its fight against Ankara. Its latest battleground: the Turkish economy.


Turkey Arrests Suspect in Istanbul Attacks, But Won’t Tell Who It Is

Turkish authorities have made an arrest in Tuesday's bombing in Istanbul. But his identity has not yet been revealed.


Turkish Authorities: Islamic State Responsible for Istanbul Suicide Attack

A suicide explosion killed and injured tourists and Turks in Istanbul Tuesday. Officials say a Syrian was responsible.


The Men in the Middle

Two young, charismatic leaders in Israel and Turkey are taking on right-wing governments and trying to transform their countries' politics. Can they change the Middle East without firing a shot?


Top Turkish Cleric: Islamic State and Prophet Mohammed Cartoons Cause Equal Damage

The head of Turkey's religious authority said Monday that both the Islamic State and the Prophet Mohammed have been equally as damaging.


It Is, By Far, The Worst Time to Be a Turkish Journalist

A doctor on trial for comparing President Erodgan to Gollum is only the most visible example of Ankara's growing crackdown on freedom of expression.


A Gas-Powered Rapprochement Between Turkey and Israel

After five years of discord, Ankara and Jerusalem are ready to mend ties, driven in no small part by Turkey’s desire to get access to Israeli natural gas.


For Israel and Its Neighbors, Energy Finds Power Big Dreams

The race is on to develop gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, but big energy finds fuel strife as often as peace.

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