Will Putin Use the Energy Weapon Against Turkey?

Both countries are too reliant on energy trade between Moscow and Ankara for it to become collateral damage of Tuesday’s deadly incident.

The Cable

Days After Paris Attacks, Obama Cites Progress in the Fight Against the Islamic State

President Obama calls on other nations to do more to fight the Islamic State.

Shadow Government

Adieu, Turkish Democracy

How Erdogan held on to power in the November elections.


This French Jihadi Just Had the Ultimate Bad Hair Day

Turkish authorities claim they arrested a Frenchman plotting a terrorist attack after he sought hair treatment at a Turkish salon.


Turkey’s Democratic Tipping Point

Erdogan’s resounding victory could mean he’s ready to set aside the politics of division and fear and govern the country again. Or it could mean just the opposite.


Syria Crisis Tests Newfound Détente Between Washington and Tehran

Obama personally assured Riyadh and other powers their interests would not be undermined in Syrian peace talks if Iran was at the negotiating table.


Erdogan’s Big Night

The Turkish president's party defied the polls, guaranteeing its political dominance for years to come.


Blood On the Ballot

As Turkey heads to parliamentary elections on Sunday, the country’s Kurdish heartland is hoping to defeat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the ballot box — even as some young Kurds say a guerrilla war is their only hope against the government.

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