We Are on the Verge of Darkness

The global rise of populism is a dangerous threat to democracy and human rights. And if it goes unchecked, the rollback of Western values could be staggering.


Putin and Erdogan’s Marriage of Convenience

Moscow and Ankara have pivoted from foes to friends, and are now winning the war in Syria. Will Donald Trump join the party?


Stop Victim-Blaming Erdogan for ISIS

Turkey deserves the world’s sympathy, not scorn, for becoming the Islamic State’s next big target.


The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted, but the Revolutionary’s Release Might Be

Twitter couldn't overthrow authoritarian governments. Can it at least help those they put in prison?

The Cable

McCain Doubles Down on Russia Position, ISIS Claims Credit for Istanbul Attack: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

On Eastern Europe, some senators signal they're standing their ground. Plus more to watch in the coming days.


Donald Trump: Making the World Safe for Dictators

For 100 years, the United States has championed democracies around the world. Trump is about to undo this pillar of American security and decency.

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