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Charges Dropped Against British Woman for Reporting Her Rape in the UAE

International condemnation, not proper investigation, prompted Dubai to drop the charges, experts say.


The UAE Spends Big on Israeli Spyware to Listen In on a Dissident

In attacking the iPhone of human rights defender Ahmed Mansour, the Emirati government reportedly bought a rare, zero-day, Israeli exploit of Apple’s iOS.


Turns Out That Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust the ‘Media’

From Iran to China, repressive governments are posing as journalists to hack into the computers of dissidents and other enemies of the state.


UAE to Women: Don’t Check Your Husbands’ Phones

A court in the UAE fined a woman $41,000 and is deporting her for scrolling through her husband's phone.


The Middle East’s New Renaissance

It’s time to let go of outmoded — and parochial — ideas about what “culture” and “civilization” in the Arab world is supposed to look like.


How to Build a Media Industry from Scratch

From telenovelas to Sesame Street, 2013 Global Thinkers Noura al Kaabi and Saad Mohseni debate the importance of cultural imports in a localized entertainment industry.


Imagine, a Minister of Youth Who’s Actually Young

In the midst of the Mideast’s chaos, one country has become a laboratory for producing exciting new ideas about the future of governance.

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