The Iranian Cyberthreat Is Real

As Trump increasingly boxes in Tehran, U.S. allies should be worried about the potential for a devastating cyberattack from the Islamic Republic.


Rational Security on the E.R.: The “Wray of Sunshine” Edition

Can the president’s nominee for FBI director be heard over the noise that surrounds him?

Elephants in the Room

It’s Time for the Trump Administration to Step Up in the Qatar Crisis

There’s leverage to be had and U.S. national security interests at stake. But if the United States doesn’t act now, things could get a whole lot worse.


Corker: No More U.S. Arms Sales to Gulf Until Qatar Crisis Solved

Sen. Bob Corker has no qualms playing bad cop as Tillerson works to salvage Gulf relations from a bitter Qatar feud.


Mohammed bin Salman Will Rule Saudi Arabia for Another 50 Years

What the elevation of the young crown prince — now successor to the throne — means for the Middle East.

The Cable

Why Did Several Arab Countries Suddenly Cut Ties With Qatar?

On the heels of Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, that country and others cut Gulf ties.

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