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German Company Alleges Russia Violated Sanctions Sending Turbines to Crimea

Putin promised energy security for annexed territory, but he can’t seem to provide it.


How Paul Manafort Helped Buy Washington Influence for Putin Crony

Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman used an obscure think tank to make D.C. connections for Viktor Yanukovych.

The Cable

Ukraine Hit by Massive Cyberattack

It’s unclear who or what is behind it.

The Cable

Ukraine’s President Has a Remarkably Low-Key Meeting With Trump

Poroshenko, worried he wouldn’t meet Trump at all, downplayed his arrival in D.C., but pleased is with the administration's stance.

The Cable

French Elections, Brexit Negotiations, Ukrainian Pride: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

What you might have missed in the past few days, and what to watch in the days to come.

The Cable

Senators Push For Russia Sanctions While White House Conducts ‘Review’

Lawmakers from both parties want to ratchet up pressure on Moscow but the White House is studying whether existing sanctions are working.


The Annexation of Crimea Isn’t Going as Planned

The show trial of Akhtem Chiygoz was supposed to be a quick and easy way to discourage dissent. That was before it went off the rails.


Trump Should Not Have Met with Russia’s Foreign Minister

Way to give Vladimir Putin exactly what he wants, Mr. President.

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