Why Ukraine Must Outsource Its Fight Against Corruption

Kiev is losing the fight against corruption. It's time for a radical cure.


Did Russia Knock Out Ukraine’s Power Grid?

Some 700,000 Ukrainians lost electricity as Christmas approached. Signs point to Russian hackers — and it could be a harbinger of cyberstrikes to come.


Russia and Ukraine Don’t Want to ‘Share a Coke’

Both Russians and Ukrainians were left angry after a failed Coca-Cola ad campaign.

The Cable

U.S. Sends Putin a Reminder to Stop Meddling in Ukraine

The United States slapped additional penalties on Russia for its continuing actions in Ukraine.


Ukraine to Fred Durst: You Chose Russia, and You Can’t Have Us Both

Ukraine has banned American musician Fred Durst from entering the country for five years.

Best Defense

The lessons of Debaltseve: Armored vehicles still matter, but they need to be mobile, lethal, and survivable

Best of Best Defense: Number 21 in our list of the most viewed posts of 2015. This post ran originally on March 19.


How Global Displacement Will Reach All-Time High, in Maps and Charts

A new U.N. report demonstrates how global displacement rose in the first half of 2015 and how it is expected to exceed records by the end of the year.

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