Vladimir Putin’s Fierce Bark Isn’t Backed Up by Russia’s Feeble Economic Bite

The Russian president was full of bravado in New York this week. But a closer look at his country’s economy shows the fiscal foundations that allowed him to rise to power are quietly crumbling.


Amid Putin’s Moves in Syria, Poroshenko Tries to Divert U.N. Attention Back to Ukraine

Addressing the U.N. on Tuesday, Poroshenko pulled no punches on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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5 steps to help Ukraine, end the crisis and restore some stability in Eastern Europe

Beginning with Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in early 2014, Russia has continued to destabilize Ukraine by fomenting rebellion and spreading the conflict into other regions of the country.

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How a reporter should embed with a unit

A friend going to embed with Ukrainian forces asked me for advice. This is what I told him.


Why Ukraine’s Effort to Curb Corruption Is a Sisyphean Task

Why Ukraine’s effort to curb corruption is a Sisyphean task. A situation report.

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