White House Rocked by Flynn’s Overtures to Russia

The national security advisor’s conversations about sanctions with the Russian ambassador have landed him in hot water, raising more questions about Trump’s odd affinity for Putin.

The Cable

New Russian-Language Channel Seeks to Counter Kremlin Spin

Moscow has had a monopoly on Russian-language media — until now.

The Cable

Moscow Readies a New, Hard-Line Ambassador for Washington

The move would to bring a smart, well-regarded official to Washington that American and NATO officials have been sparring with for years.


Kiev Is Fueling the War in Eastern Ukraine, Too

A muted White House isn't just emboldening the Kremlin -- it's inciting the politics of war throughout Ukraine.

The Cable

Is Putin Already Testing Trump?

In more ways than you think. Or it could be mere coincidence.


Inside Britain’s Tortured Embrace of Donald Trump

Unmoored from Europe, Downing Street tries to rekindle a special relationship with a very different kind of Washington.


Kiev Should Give Up on the Donbass

As conflict rages again, Ukraine needs to understand that winning the war would be more trouble than it's worth.

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