This Land Was Your Land

In Venezuela, land redistribution is not just an ideological imperative — it’s how the regime rewards its friends and punishes its enemies.

The Cable

U.S. Drug Investigation Reaches Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s Inner Circle

A U.S. drug investigation has reached Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro's inner circle.


Venezuelan Opposition Leader Was Framed, Says Former Prosecutor

After fleeing Venezuela, Franklin Nieves comes clean: Leopoldo López's trial, he says, was "a sham."


Venezuela’s Other Political Prisoners

Venezuela has several high-profile political prisoners whose mistreatment has shocked the world. But there are hundreds more. Here are a few of their stories.


The World Is Watching Caracas

Why Venezuela's approaching parliamentary elections matter — and not only for Venezuelans.


Maduro’s Wag the Dog Moment

With tanking poll numbers, an economy in free-fall, and an opposition that's out for blood, is Venezuela's president manufacturing a national crisis to buy himself time?

The Cable

Two of America’s Neighborhood Foes Are Headed in Very Different Directions

As Cuba releases more than 3,000 prisoners ahead of Pope Francis's visit, Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro tries to silence his opposition.


Venezuela’s Most Famous Dissident Gets 13 Years

The outcome of Leopoldo López's trial is even worse than his supporters feared. But President Maduro's victory may be short-lived.

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