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Two of America’s Neighborhood Foes Are Headed in Very Different Directions

As Cuba releases more than 3,000 prisoners ahead of Pope Francis's visit, Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro tries to silence his opposition.


Venezuela’s Most Famous Dissident Gets 13 Years

The outcome of Leopoldo López's trial is even worse than his supporters feared. But President Maduro's victory may be short-lived.


The Other Side of Leopoldo López

Roberto Lovato’s article claiming to be about the bona fides of our client's democratic credentials wasn't that at all.


The Venezuelan President’s Birther Problem

President Maduro has been expelling Colombian migrants from Venezuela. But was he once one of them?

Shadow Government

Why is China Bankrolling Venezuela?

If Xi is starting trouble in America's backyard, its time for the United States to say something.


Kafka in Caracas

The trial of opposition leader Leopoldo López is a cruel travesty of justice — even by the low standards of the Venezuelan regime.


How Colombians Are Paying to Save the Venezuelan Regime

Venezuelan President Maduro is driving out Colombians by the hundreds to prop up his faltering rule.

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