Bring Them Home

Want to build democracy in Venezuela? Start by luring expatriates back.


Venezuela’s Top Comedian Feels the Heat

Laureano Márquez is not just a comedian. A political scientist by training, he uses his act to unmask the absurdity of the Venezuelan regime.


Don’t Blame It On the Oil

Yes, Venezuela’s economy is cursed – by its political regime, not its natural resources.


The Collapse of Chávezcare

Doctors are fleeing. Aspirin, condoms, even bandages are in short supply. How the dream of free health care is turning into a nightmare for Venezuela.


In Venezuela, One President Too Many

A body double of Venezuelan president Maduro causes a stir at the Summit of the Americas.

The Cable

Last-Minute Push by Top Kerry Advisor Smoothed Over Americas Summit

By all accounts, the weekend meeting between President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro went off without a hitch. You can thank Tom Shannon.


Nicolás Maduro Versus the Ex-Presidents

Soviet-style shortages of basic goods, looming legislative elections, plummeting approval ratings, stratospheric inflation and crime -- Nicolás Maduro can be fairly said to have 99 ...

The Cable

Castro’s Appearance: A Message to Washington or Caracas?

The surprise public appearance of Fidel Castro in front of a visiting delegation of Venezuelans last Monday has triggered a wave of speculation about Havana’s intentions ahead of a critical summit of North, South, and Central American leaders this weekend.

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