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Are Fresh U.S. Sanctions the Start of a Tougher Venezuela Policy From Trump?

The sanctions had their origins in the Obama era, but could they signify a policy change in the time of Trump?

The Cable

Venezuela Is So Broke It Can’t Even Export Oil

Oil tankers flush with crude wallow adrift in the Caribbean, as cash-strapped PdVSA can’t pay the bills.


Venezuela’s Meltdown Could Be Trump’s First Nightmare, Too

While Trump rages at China and Iran, there’s a looming disaster a lot closer to home.

The Cable

Venezuela Closes Colombian Border, Confiscates Christmas Toys

Neither of Maduro's moves seems likely to improve the plight of his people.

The Cable

At Least Lawmakers in Venezuela Can Agree It’s Wrong to Massacre Civilians

A small sliver of something good from a country in pecuniary and political crisis.

The Cable

Global Firms Sell Venezuelan Operations as DJ Maduro Criticizes Obama

President Nicolás Maduro will not hold early elections, but he will spin salsa tunes.


Nicaraguan Voters Are Getting Ready to Follow Daniel Ortega’s Script

The wily Sandinistas in Managua have survived, adapted, and clawed their way back to power. Is there no dislodging them?

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