The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — Jan 6, 2012

Oil, and the geopolitics of China and Iran: President Barack Obama's new military policy -- the U.S. focus will shift to two geographic areas, China ...

The Oil and the Glory

GM’s model response to potential PR hell

What do you do if you are a carmaker, and your vehicles keep self-combusting? If you are General Motors, you write and call your customers ...

The Oil and the Glory

A new challenge for electric cars — fire

Electric cars -- already on a steep climb because of price and distance anxiety -- will have a greater commercial challenge if consumers fear their ...

The Oil and the Glory

Why GM is jumping into bed with the South Koreans

Over the weekend, the New York Times Magazine ran out an interesting piece on a big U.S. problem -- its much-weakened capacity to manufacture consumer ...

The Oil and the Glory

Are the Chinese really a shoo-in to win the electric-car race?

The conventional wisdom about the global electric-car race is that China is a shoo-in because of its enormous domestic market: The Chinese may be laggards ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap, CERA Week Edition: March 11, 2011

As O&G readers know, I've been in Houston at CERA Week -- the Davos of the energy industry, hosted by oil historian Daniel Yergin -- for ...

The Oil and the Glory

A U.S. shot in the battery wars

When we think of war, Iraq and Afghanistan usually come to mind. But other wars are going on as well. There is an open and ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Leaf: 99 is not as simple as it looks

Yesterday I wrote that 99 is a highly compelling number when applied to the miles per gallon one can obtain while driving an electric car, ...

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