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Justice Department Moves to Revoke U.S. Citizenship From Man Convicted in 2003 Terror Plot

Prosecutors say the Pakistani-American’s citizenship can be stripped because he lied in the immigration process and was affiliated with a terrorist group.

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Will we have a civil war? A SF officer turned diplomat estimates chances at 60 percent

For most of my career I have been traveling the world observing other countries in various states of dysfunction and answering this same question.

Best Defense

Will we have a 2nd Civil War? You tell me.

What are the chances of another civil war breaking out in this country in the next 10 to 15 years?

The Cable

‘Our Worst Fears Have Been Realized’: The Famine We Could Have Stopped in South Sudan

South Sudan just declared a famine. But it’s been years in the making and it could have been stopped.

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