The Cable

Saudi Arms Sale Clears Contentious Senate Vote

A deal for thousands of precision munitions kits wins approval, but opponents of Washington’s support for Riyadh’s war in Yemen claim moral victory

The Cable

Saudi Arms Sale Hits Possible Senate Roadblock

Some lawmakers are fed up with Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen and oppose plans to sell Riyadh more U.S.-made munitions.

Shadow Government

America Can’t Fix Its Problems With New Nukes

The United States is likely to get bogged down in policy disasters of its own making, and once again miss an opportunity to stabilize global affairs and secure its nation and allies.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Middle East Trip Is Full of Traps

The stakes could not be higher for the president's first trip abroad. And he'll need to be careful and disciplined.

The Cable

Soviet-Era Bomb Used in Syria Chemical Weapon Attack, Claims Rights Group

Human Rights Watch says Syria has stepped up nerve agent warfare in past year, flouting a commitment to eliminate its chemical weapons program.


Syrian Scientists Made Sarin Used in Chemical Attacks, France Claims

French intelligence faults the U.S.-Russia chemical pact and discloses Syria's effort to acquire ingredients for a nerve agent.


Is the United States Really Blowing Up North Korea’s Missiles?

There’s just no evidence to support the fantasy that Kim Jong Un’s rockets are falling prey to a super-secret U.S. cyberprogram.

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