The Cable

Um, Since When Does the Right Wing Like Julian Assange?

Or: how partisanship trumps principle.


Why It Makes Perfect Sense for Ecuador to (Kind of) Turn Its Back on Assange

Cratering oil prices and the collapse of 21st century socialism has left Quito vulnerable.

Best Defense

A RicksiLeaks Exclusive!: Federal government post-Trump plans…

Exclusive to RicksiLeaks, direct from the fevered imagination of Tom Ricks, with no state interference or contact.


WikiLeaks, Sputnik, and the Story of a (Perhaps) Russian Information Operation

Donald Trump repeated accusations from Russian state media that misrepresented a WikiLeaks email.


Trump Shrugs Off Scandal, Backs Russia, and Throws Pence Under the Bus

The Republican nominee’s Hail Mary: Break ranks with his own running mate, and vow to put Hillary behind bars.


Roger Stone and Julian Assange Are 2016’s Oddest Odd Couple

How a Republican hatchetman and a left-wing cypherpunk joined forces against Hillary Clinton.


Every Move You Make

Over eight years, President Barack Obama has created the most intrusive surveillance apparatus in the world. To what end?

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