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WikiLeaks Releases Snoozefest Documents from CIA Director’s Hacked Email

The documents were purloined by a self-described teenage stoner hacker.


The Public Art Project Making the Case for Whistleblowers to Be Regarded as Heroes

By casting Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning in bronze, artist Davide Dormino argues the three activists should be regarded as monumental heroes.


Swedish Prosecutors Partially End Investigation of Assange on Sex Crimes

Swedish prosecutors dropped two charges because the statute of limitations ran out.

The Cable

Wikileaks Reveals New Spy Cables Showing How U.S.-Japan Diplomacy Isn't Always Sweet

New WikiLeaks cables purportedly show U.S. eavesdropping on ally Japan for diplomatic -- if diminutive -- details on trade and environmental policies.


The Saudi Cold War With Iran Heats Up

While the Obama administration may hope the nuclear deal paves the way for a more peaceful Middle East, it just may convince Riyadh to turn its conflict with Tehran up a notch.


The Three Least Surprising Things U.S. Spies Learned About France

One NSA intelligence summary included information reported by the New York Times a week earlier.


WikiLeaks Docs Show NSA Penetrated Highest Levels of French Government

The revelations are likely to cause a political scandal in France.

The Cable

WikiLeaks Takes Aim at the Trans-Pacific Partnership

WikiLeaks is offering a $100,000 bounty for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the White House wants kept secret.

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