The Big Counterterrorism Counterfactual

Is the NSA actually making us worse at fighting terrorism? 


Would Sweden Ever Extradite Assange to the United States?

Two years into his stay at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he is hiding from Swedish authorities looking to question him in connection with ...

Daniel W. Drezner

American Hypocrisy, R.I.P.?

Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore have a must-read essay in Foreign Affairs about the impact that Wikileaks and Edward Snowden are having on a little-discussed power ...


Snowden Wins Asylum, WikiLeaks Declares Victory

And just like that, Edward Snowden's Moscow airport vacation is over. On Thursday, the NSA leaker's lawyer put him in a taxi and sent him ...


With Manning Trial Over, Assange Sees Himself as the Target

More than three years after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks began publishing classified documents provided to the organization by Pfc. Bradley Manning, the court marshal of ...

Stephen M. Walt

One More Reason Obama Should Pardon Snowden

As some of you may know, I published an op-ed today in the Financial Times, arguing that President Barack Obama should stop trying to apprehend ...


Moscow to Caracas — the Scenic Route

Edward Snowden has finally found countries that will take him in -- if he can just figure out a way to get there first. After ...

Daniel W. Drezner

What Edward Snowden tells us about international relations theory

Your humble blogger is vacationing the hell out of this week, so as a result his gimlet eye for international relations is likely a bit ...


Julian Assange Reclaims the Spotlight

Just like that, Julian Assange is back on the world stage. After Assange and his WikiLeaks colleagues helped mastermind Edward Snowden's escape from Hong Kong ...

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