Best Defense

I thought women didn’t belong in infantry. After leaving, realized I was quite wrong.

“Two female Marines will be joining our platoon. They’ll serve as female searchers. Treat them with the utmost respect.”


Leaning From Behind

The troubling lack of women in the world of foreign-policy making and media.

Best Defense

Women in infantry: It isn’t ‘if,’ it’s ‘when.’ So quit whining and get out of the way.

By Carl Forsling Best Defense guest columnist In every area of life, women and men are becoming more integrated. That’s not only a product of ...

Best Defense

It’s not ‘a man, man’s world’ and neither is war: Gender integration in the Infantry

James Brown (and Cher) were wrong. It is neither a man’s nor a woman’s world. The same goes for war.


We’re Ready for a Madam Secretary-General

It's time to hand Turtle Bay over to a woman.

Best Defense

A few words about yesterday’s column arguing against women in infantry

Most of you know that I don’t always agree with the guest columns I run here. In fact, many of them are the result of people writing to me in disagreement, and my responding by asking them to write that up for publication.

Best Defense

Women in Ranger School Is Fine, but Women in Infantry Isn’t. Here’s Why.

We were treated last month to a historic event — two females passed Ranger School and were Tabbed.


Documentary About Rape Banned in ‘Rape Capital of the World’

A documentary highlighting the work of a world-renowned Congolese gynecologist has been banned in DRC.

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