‘I Want to Be a Miss Myanmar’

Lap dances, forced plastic surgery, and a fist full of yaba: How to make it as a teenage beauty queen in Asia’s newest boomtown.


Still Waiting for Davos Woman

The Alpine retreat is both absurd and worthy -- but can't achieve its goals as long as it is primarily a guy thing.


Erdogan Tells Feminist Summit That Women Aren’t Equal to Men

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more and more resembles the drunken uncle who shows up to Thanksgiving dinner uninvited and makes everyone uncomfortable with his ...


How Malala Can Help Defeat the Islamic State

Empowering Muslim women is the key to degrading and ultimately destroying medieval and reactionary fanaticism.


Tunisian Presidential Candidate Kennou Takes On the Patriarchy

Kalthoum Kennou, the only female candidate in the presidential race in Tunisia, sees her candidacy as a strong message of hope in the midst of ...


When the Execution of Five Alleged Rapists Is a Step Back for Human Rights

In late August, a group of seven men posing as Afghan police officers pulled over a group of travelers in Paghman, on the outskirts of ...

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