Burma’s Women Are Still Fighting for Their Rights

The country's most famous politician may be a woman, but Burma remains firmly in the grip of patriarchy.


Activists: Women Accused of Witchcraft Are First Females Beheaded by Islamic State

Human rights activists monitoring Syria's war said Tuesday that two women were beheaded by the Islamic State, a first for the extremists controlling territory in Syria and Iraq.


Stop Treating Female Service Members as Victims

They’re soldiers. And we should start showing them the respect they deserve.

The South Asia Channel

Afghanistan’s Missing Link: Women Leaders

Afghan women can't be left out of the negotiations concerning the future of Afghanistan. Both President Obama and President Ghani need to address the historic role of the United States in perpetuating the abject status of Afghan women.


Nepal’s Renegade Strategy to Save Mothers

The country's bold strategy to fight maternal mortality flouts conventional wisdom and relies on a controversial drug -- and in the wake of the devastating earthquake, it could be more important than ever.

Best Defense

Women are more than victims, so it is time focus security strategies on them

Clearly extremists are not afraid to fight or to die. They often welcome and embrace the idea of martyrdom. So, what are they afraid of? A common operating procedure among various extremist groups is to control and disempower girls and women.

The South Asia Channel

Afghanistan is Failing to Help Abused Women

Abuse against women in Afghan homes is horrifyingly pervasive; around 87 percent of Afghan women are believed to have experienced domestic abuse at least once. What is Afghanistan doing to end the abuse?

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