The Women Who Could Save Mosul

A group of female parliamentarians have developed a plan to mend the post-ISIS fabric of Iraq's second-largest city.

The Cable

As January’s UNSC President, Sweden Sought to Focus on Women and Peace. How’d It Go?

“There’s not been one meeting where we’ve not raised this issue in one way or another,” says Sweden's spokesperson.

The Cable

The Women’s March Heard Round the World

A round-up of marches and reactions from Women’s March events around the world.

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Romania Likely to Have First Female Prime Minister

But there would be another power behind her throne.

The Cable

Can Antonio Guterres Finally Break the U.N.’s Glass Ceiling?

The U.N. struggles to practice what it preaches on women’s empowerment. Can the new secretary general break the institution’s glass ceiling?

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The United Nations Just Fired Wonder Woman

The U.N. caught itself in a not very wonderful PR battle as it slips on institutional gender parity.

Best Defense

Rethinking the Army’s ‘Wife School’: Maybe time to move it out of the 1950s

Before my husband took battalion command, the spouses of all the battalion commanders in the soon-to-be brigade team were encouraged to attend a week of the Pre-Command Course (PCC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.


The U.S. Finally Did Something Right in Africa — and It’s About to Stop

Lesotho's women have benefited from a trade deal that’s now at risk because of the country’s male politicians.

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