Nein Doesn’t Mean Nein

Germany’s problems coping with sexual violence go far beyond the assaults committed by migrants in Cologne.

Best Defense

Why leadership will either make or break combat integration in the Marine Corps

Expectations can be dangerous when they are low, as we have seen in recruiting and on the drill field, especially when low expectations become codified via low standards. Yet expectations can be liberating when they are high, as we have seen by the performance of Marines, male and female, in combat.


Mayor of Cologne: If Women Don’t Want to Be Raped, They Should Stay Away From Strangers

The mayor of a German town where an alleged 100 sexual assaults took place over New Year's suggested women change their behavior to avoid assault.

Observation Deck

The Making of the Modern Superheroine

Why comic-book crusaders have nothing on the real-life women who changed the world in 2015.


The Poisoned Waters of Punjab

​Mothers in the Indian state of Punjab say the water has rendered them infertile -- claims that researchers support but that the government laughs off.


The Power of the Purse

2015 Global Thinkers Shannon Schuyler and Amy-Willard Cross discuss the importance of supporting women in business — and penalizing those who won’t.

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