The South Asia Channel

A Step Forward for Afghan Women?

Afghanistan’s about to launch a plan that will promote the role of women in peacemaking. It took a lot of hard work to convince men that women should play an equal role, and the battle isn’t over yet.

The South Asia Channel

Afghanistan: Still a Man’s World?

Despite Ghani nominating three women to his cabinet, Afghanistan’s women are still not winning.


Still Waiting for Davos Woman

The Alpine retreat is both absurd and worthy -- but can't achieve its goals as long as it is primarily a guy thing.

The South Asia Channel

It’s Time to Act for Afghan Women: Pass EVAW

Why Afghanistan needs to pass the Elimination of Violence Against Women bill.


Erdogan Tells Feminist Summit That Women Aren’t Equal to Men

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more and more resembles the drunken uncle who shows up to Thanksgiving dinner uninvited and makes everyone uncomfortable with his ...



The sloppy, pop-humanitarian coverage of the Boko Haram cease-fire-that-wasn't isn't just bad journalism -- it's a missed opportunity.

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