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Col. Brooks, about women in the Army: I don’t think you know today’s force

By Lt. William R. Cauley, U.S. Army Best Defense guest respondent I am not sure what to say about this particular article. I am a little ...

The South Asia Channel

A Lynching, Then Anger in Afghanistan

After a brutal killing, Afghanistan’s women turn their anger toward men. But will the protests and outrage result in a change for women's rights in the country?

Best Defense

A few brass tacks: Why gender arguments blind the military to bigger problems

In two recent essays on the subject of women in combat, Marine Captain Katey Van Dam directly addressed the issue of women's physical aptitude for infantry combat. She is justified in taking up the case because so many opponents have used the matter of physicality as an argument against their presence in infantry units. However, no matter how well either side presents its view, both sexes have much more in common physically than they realize. What they share is a lack of physical ability that constitutes a dangerous threat to ground troops' battlefield success.

The South Asia Channel

Standing Beside Afghanistan’s Iron Lady

A female Afghan performance artist recently drew international attention to the country's endemic harassment of women. But her message is now in danger of being drowned out.


The Women in the Middle of Syria's Civil War

Rampant sexual assault has unmade allegiances in Syria's civil war -- and it may well get worse no matter which side wins.

Tea Leaf Nation

‘They Are the Best Feminist Activists in China’

Why did Chinese authorities detain five feminists on International Women's Day -- and what will become of them? Zhao Sile, a part of the women's rights movement, explains.


How to Make the Sustainable Development Goals Work

It’s simple: Prioritize women and families.

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