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Meet America’s China-Cozying, Rights-Abusing Ally in the Horn of Africa

The United States is ignoring Djibouti's human rights abuses and a growing ties with China to fly drones in Africa.


Everyone Is Losing Yemen’s War

Saudi Arabia wants to convince the world that it is on the verge of victory in the poverty-stricken country. The truth is, only more destruction and death lies ahead.

The Cable

Tensions Cool as U.S., Iranian Ships Back Out of the Gulf of Aden

The Iranian "flotilla" looks to be heading back home, defusing tensions in the Gulf of Aden


Yemen Is ‘Going Completely Down the Drain,’ Says U.N. Refugees Chief

Confronted with a new crisis for refugees in Yemen, the UNHCR chief is also grappling with how to get Europe to embrace a unified asylum policy in the wake of last weekend's deadly Mediterranean shipwreck.


Saudi Arabia Signals Bombs Will Continue to Drop in Yemen

Riyadh says it wants a peaceful solution, but will continue its air war in Yemen as long as Iranian-backed rebels continue their offensive.


For Military Operations From Somalia to Saudi Arabia, Hope Is a 4-Letter Word

The Saudi military intervention in Yemen shares a name with the failed U.S. mission to Somalia.

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