The Saudi Cold War With Iran Heats Up

While the Obama administration may hope the nuclear deal paves the way for a more peaceful Middle East, it just may convince Riyadh to turn its conflict with Tehran up a notch.


Humanitarian Cease-Fire Brokered in Yemen Will Last Through End of Ramadan

Yemen's exiled government and the Houthi rebels controlling the country's capital have reached a temporary cease-fire to accommodate for much-needed humanitarian assistance.


Yemen’s Peace Process Is Doomed

The country's warring factions can't even agree to sit around a table together, even as political chaos and a humanitarian disaster threaten to engulf them.


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Most Dangerous Man Is Still Alive

A U.S. drone strike killed Nasir al-Wuhayshi. But the real threat is AQAP’s elusive master bomb-maker.


Hezbollah’s Friends in Yemen Are Trying to Lure the Saudis Into a Ground War

The Houthi rebels are using the playbook that foiled Israel during the 2006 war in Lebanon.

The Cable

Victims of U.S. Special Operations Raids Gone Wrong Are Lucky to Get a Sheep

The families of two men mistakenly killed by a U.S. drone want Obama to apologize. But U.S. law doesn't require the U.S. government to do anything to acknowledge it.

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