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Tillerson, Mattis Seek to Mend Fences With Saudi Arabia

Goodbye, Iran deal tensions. Hello, counterterror cooperation and investment.


Yemen Lashes Out At D.C. Briefing By Human Rights Activists

The Yemeni embassy seeks to discredit civil society advocates holding an event on Capitol Hill. What are they afraid of?


Happy Anniversary to America’s Shameful Travesty of a War in Yemen

After two years and thousands of civilian casualties, the Trump administration needs to realize it can’t win a war that has no point.

The Cable

SitRep: Sources: Pentagon’s New Look at Yemen Effort; Mattis’ Letter to White House; Generals Want More in Somalia

Mosul Air Strike Blowback; U.S. Troops Blend into Mosul Fight; NATO Worried about Russia in Libya as U.S. Keeps Troops There; And Lots More


Pentagon Weighs More Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen

As the administration debates how to confront Iran, some in the Pentagon favor ratcheting up support for Saudi Arabia’s campaign against Tehran-backed Houthi rebels.


The Power Struggle for the Throne and the Saudi ‘Reset’ With Trump

Intrigue and war could complicate the budding romance between Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration.

The Cable

Apache Helicopter Guns Down Boat Full of Somali Refugees Fleeing Yemen

The incident adds to horrific civilian death toll in Yemen's conflict.

The Cable

U.N. Warns Yemen Could Be on Brink of Famine

The crisis comes as the United States weighs sharp cuts to U.N. humanitarian aid programs

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