The Cable

Is Yemen the New Benghazi?

Depending on who you believe, the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen last week was either a frantic exodus that exposed sensitive U.S. secrets or an orderly departure reflecting a “high level of professionalism.”

The Cable

Reports: U.S. Embassy in Yemen to Shut Down

The United States is preparing to evacuate its embassy in Yemen Wednesday.


Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, February 2, 2015

To keep up with Democracy Lab in real time, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Mohamed Eljarh explains how last week’s bloody hotel attack in Libya underlines the ...


Washington to Play Bigger Role in Yemen Terror Fight

The United States has spent years combining drone strikes with raids by American-trained Yemeni forces. With Yemen in disarray, Washington will have to do more terrorist hunting on its own.


Yemen’s Transitional Road Map to Chaos

Anyone who knew anything about Yemen saw this implosion coming a mile away.

Shadow Government

Why Yemen’s Collapse Dooms Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

Look at a map of the Arabian Peninsula and the surrounding region while taking into account recent headlines and you’ll see that both sides in ...

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