Is the U.S. Navy a Sitting Duck?

Why asymmetric warfare on the high seas is so tricky for great powers.


How to End Saudi Arabia’s War of Paranoia

The only way to solve Yemen's war, and beat back its al-Qaeda franchise, is to dissolve the country entirely.

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SitRep: Mystery Russian Ship Heading for Syria; Clinton Leak Offers Hints on China, Missile Defense

Obama Huddles on Syria; Iran, Washington, and Yemen; South Korea Mulling Nukes; And Lots More

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Iran Sends Ships to Yemeni Coast in Wake of U.S. Strikes

The deployment adds another wrinkle to the increasingly complex situation in Yemen.

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SitRep: U.S. Strikes Houthi Rebels; The Trump, Wikileaks Connection

Russia Brushes Off American Charges As Kerry And Lavrov Prepare to Meet; China Warns South Korea; And Lots More


Yemen’s Terrible War Is About to Get Worse

The bombing of a funeral has empowered the country's worst forces and could drag America into the fray.

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Lawmakers Demand U.S. Do More Than Just Criticize Saudi Bombing Campaign

Congressional critics of the Saudi-led military campaign against Yemeni rebels are demanding the White House pull its support for Riyadh following an alleged weekend airstrike that killed at least 140 funeral mourners in Sanaa.

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Senators to Introduce Measure Opposing $1B Arms Sale to Saudis

A bipartisan push against a $1.15 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is gaining steam in protest of Riyadh’s bombing campaign in Yemen — but remains split on whether to oppose the sale or block it outright.

The Cable

Last Remaining U.S. Maker of Cluster Bombs Stops Production

The last remaining U.S. manufacturer of cluster bombs is ending production of the controversial weapon, citing regulatory scrutiny and reduced orders for the internationally banned munition.

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