U.N. Chief Strafes U.S. and Saudi Arabia Over Airstrikes on Medical Facilities

Ban Ki-moon delivers a grim take on the state of the world to the U.N. General Assembly as starvation stalks besieged Syrians.


This Map Explains the Saudi-Iran Proxy War

Here's what the region's geopolitical and sectarian divides look like.


Saudi Arabia’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stop America’s Pivot to Iran

Did Riyadh execute Nimr to show the West that Tehran is still a loose cannon?


Stories You Missed in 2015

From the winding down of Colombia's 50-year war to Ireland's booming economy, here are the stories that flew under the radar this year.


Flexing New Powers, Congress to Review Arms Shipments to Saudi Arabia

Concerned about the rising death toll in Yemen, a Senate panel wants more oversight of $1.29 billion in U.S. weapons shipments to Riyadh.

The Cable

In Yemen, a Saudi War Fought With U.S. Help

Riyadh's air campaign has killed hundreds of civilians -- and it wouldn't be happening without the Pentagon.

The Cable

Top State Department Official: Saudis Finally Get That Yemen Is a Problem

The devastating humanitarian situation in war-torn Yemen has become so bleak that Saudi Arabia is now finally serious about finding a political resolution to the crisis, a top State Department diplomat said Wednesday.


Can This Man Save Yemen?

Vice President Khaled Bahah is trying to push back the Islamic State and make peace with his Houthi rivals. But progress is hard to come by in war-wracked Yemen these days.

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