Two Americans Freed From Houthi Captivity in Yemen

The U.S. confirmed Sunday that two Americans were released from Houthi captivity in Yemen.


Yemen Burns, Salman Lives Large

Saudi Arabia's king has rented every room in Georgetown's poshest hotel as he meets with top U.S. officials to discuss his bombing campaign against the Middle East's poorest country.


The Human Carnage of Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen

Off the grid and away from the eyes of the international press, U.S.-made bombs are killing hundreds of innocent civilians.


The War of Words Between AQAP’s Bomb-Maker and Al Jazeera

Ibrahim al-Asiri argues the network failed to live up to its journalistic obligations.


Video Shows the Beginning of Saudi-Led Coalition’s Ground War in Yemen

The arrival of a brigade of UAE tanks represents a significant escalation in the conflict.


Aid Group: Yemen Fighting Pushes Tens of Thousands of Citizens Closer to Starvation

The U.N. makes an emotional plea for humanitarian aid as the cease-fire ebbs between Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed government in Yemen.


The Saudi Cold War With Iran Heats Up

While the Obama administration may hope the nuclear deal paves the way for a more peaceful Middle East, it just may convince Riyadh to turn its conflict with Tehran up a notch.


Humanitarian Cease-Fire Brokered in Yemen Will Last Through End of Ramadan

Yemen's exiled government and the Houthi rebels controlling the country's capital have reached a temporary cease-fire to accommodate for much-needed humanitarian assistance.

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