White House Drone Release Is Big on Numbers, Short on Detail

The Obama administration finally releases an estimate of how many civilians were killed in its secret drone strikes. But rights groups say the true numbers are vastly higher.

The Cable

SitRep: Moscow vs. Washington, Syria Edition

U.S. Commandos in Yemen; More Yemen Strikes; Chinese Fishing Boat Scuffle; and Lots More


Saudi Arabia’s First Step Is Admitting It Has an Oil Problem

The heir to the Saudi throne just pushed through a bold package of reforms designed to free the kingdom from oil addiction by 2030. Here’s why it could backfire, badly.


Exclusive: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh’s air war in Yemen has killed and injured hundreds of civilians. Washington is finally trying to stem the carnage.

The Cable

SitRep: U.S. Special Ops Expanding; McCain Drops $602B “Reform” Defense Bill

China report due today; fun with Russia; and lots more


Anwar al-Awlaki’s Life After Death

The persistent popularity of the American imam killed by a CIA drone strike in Yemen is a lesson in the difficulty of stamping out radicalism.

The Cable

SitRep: Saudi Blocks U.N. on Yemen; Pentagon to Tip Moscow on U.S. Commandos in Syria

Pentagon to tell Moscow where its commandos in Syria are; Japan intercepts record number of Chinese planes; North Korea readies another missile; and lots more

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