Where Is the $274 million Riyadh Promised Yemen in Emergency Aid?

Riyadh has promised $274 million in emergency aid for desperate Yemeni civilians. Two months later, why hasn’t the money arrived?


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Most Dangerous Man Is Still Alive

A U.S. drone strike killed Nasir al-Wuhayshi. But the real threat is AQAP’s elusive master bomb-maker.


Hezbollah’s Friends in Yemen Are Trying to Lure the Saudis Into a Ground War

The Houthi rebels are using the playbook that foiled Israel during the 2006 war in Lebanon.

The Cable

Victims of U.S. Special Operations Raids Gone Wrong Are Lucky to Get a Sheep

The families of two men mistakenly killed by a U.S. drone want Obama to apologize. But U.S. law doesn't require the U.S. government to do anything to acknowledge it.


‘I Can’t Believe I’ve Lost My Family’

The human costs of the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign in Yemen are immense.

Shadow Government

When the U.S. Will Intervene in the Gulf, and Other Notes From the Camp David Summit

I’ve held a number of discussions with people who have direct knowledge of the conversations that took place at this month’s Camp David Summit between ...

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