With Allies Like These

Unwavering U.S. support for Saudi Arabia comes at a terrible price for Yemen.


Confidential U.N. Report Suggests Saudi-Led Coalition Failing in Yemen

Saudi Arabia claims a series of military advances this year shows it is making progress in its 2 ½ year war against ethnic Shiite Houthis.

The Cable

War in Yemen Kills or Wounds 4,000 Children

Bombing raids on schools, hospitals, and markets have made daily life dangerous for Yemen’s youngest residents.


The Human Toll of Yemen’s Unending War

With the country's health services decimated by conflict, cholera is raging through the civilian population.


Mohammed bin Salman Will Rule Saudi Arabia for Another 50 Years

What the elevation of the young crown prince — now successor to the throne — means for the Middle East.

The Cable

Saudi Arms Sale Hits Possible Senate Roadblock

Some lawmakers are fed up with Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen and oppose plans to sell Riyadh more U.S.-made munitions.


One Yemeni Governor Wants Trump to Know: You’re Fighting al Qaeda All Wrong

It's local forces and economic assistance that will defeat jihadism, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Saeed bin Bourek says, not drone strikes.

The Cable

Defiant Congress Sparks Showdown With Trump Over Saudi Arms Deal

Though the opposition may be largely symbolic, lawmakers are clearly growing tired of unconditional support for the Gulf kingdom.

Shadow Government

If Trump Doubles Down on the Saudi War in Yemen, Millions Could Starve

Countless Yemeni lives hang in the balance as Trump gears up to deepen U.S. security cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

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