Iran Is Winning the War for Dominance of the Middle East

Tehran and Riyadh are engaged in a naked struggle for power in the region -- individual rights and good governance be damned.


The Arab NATO

The new 40,000-strong Arab League “response force” is all about countering Iran. Get ready for tense times and strange bedfellows in the Middle East.


Will al Qaeda Be the Great Winner of Yemen’s Collapse?

Big gains and great challenges await the world's most dangerous al Qaeda affiliate.


New Documentary Goes Inside Yemen’s Houthi Rebel Movement

Journalist Safa Al Ahmad provides an intimate portrait of a misunderstood and hugely important rebel group.

Best Defense

Misunderstanding wars in Yemen, Vietnam, and Yemen once again

There’s an moment in the 2003 documentary The Fog of War in which former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara lays out what he got wrong in Vietnam. “We saw Vietnam as an element of the Cold War,” he says. “Not what they [the Vietnamese] saw it as: a civil war.” I thought of that the other day as I listened to Adam Baron, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, talking about the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

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