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One Woman’s Fight to Claim Her ‘Blackness’ in Brazil

The experience of a young lawyer raises difficult questions about race, belonging, and the bureaucracy of affirmative action in a country lauded for its egalitarian history. (Leia este matéria em português.)

The 1980s American Soap Opera That Explains How Russia Feels About Everything

A look at the peculiar obsession with Santa Barbara in the post-Soviet experience.

Out of India

A wave of brutal violence against visiting college students is forcing the country to examine its racism problem.

German Philosophy Has Finally Gone Viral. Will That Be Its Undoing?

A new generation of rockstar philosophers are taking the discipline to the masses. But their TED Talks, TV shows, and best-sellers might be ruining it forever. (Lesen sie diesen artikel auf Deutsch.)

observation deck

Donald Trump Has Made America a Back-Row Kid

The days of other countries looking to the United States for leadership are coming to an end.

For the Love of Welsh Rarebit

In a politically correct era, is it ever OK to crave colonialist cuisine?

We Are (Still) Living in an Orwellian World

Surveillance, drones, and never-ending wars have given new global resonance to the works of George Orwell.



The Shaman Masters of Hohhot Have Returned

The confrontation of spirituality and industrial cityscape bridges Inner Mongolia’s past and present.

the things they carried

The Afghan Field Medic

On the frontlines of war, there are only the briefest of moments to save lives — or lose them.

the exchange

Can Stories About Food Upend Narratives of War?

Refugees are often portrayed as helpless victims—reporting on culture and cuisine is one way to tell the whole story.


The Diplomacy of Dog Walking in Russia

Meet the woman in Moscow caring for the U.S. canines of state.


Farewell, Lebanon’s First Brewery

A derelict beer factory stirs social divides in Beirut.


The Elephant in the Comedy Club

A troupe of popular young comics avoids mixing humor and politics in Rwanda.


Happy Birthday, Marie Jana Korbelova

The Czech Embassy celebrates one of its own.

the final word

There is No Divide Between Islam and American Culture

The American Muslim community is growing into a dynamic group, firmly planted in the United States tradition of individualism.


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