21 Solutions to Save the World

We live in an age of anxiety. People everywhere fear the next terrorist attack. Meanwhile, we slowly grow numb to Iraq's endless string of kidnappings and suicide bombings. Between bird flu, tsunamis, and loose nukes, our list of fears is getting longer. So, we asked 21 leading thinkers: What is one solution that would make the world a better place? Here are their answers.

Dictators A Global Magna Carta By Garry Kasparov

Medicine for the Poor A Patently Simple Idea By Sebastian Mallaby

Climate Change 450 Ways to Stop Global Warming By Bill McKibben

Inequality An Embarrassment of Riches By Howard Gardner

Religious Extremism A Radical Solution By R. Scott Appleby

Gender Inequality The Second Sex By Stephen Lewis

The Drug War Legalize It By Christopher Hitchens

Russia’s Dying Democracy Save the Russians! By Nicholas Eberstadt

The Failure of Foreign Aid Fund What Works By Esther Duflo

A Forgotten Treaty Time for a Sea Change By Paul Saffo

Oil Dependency Flip the Switch By Amy Myers Jaffe

The War on Terror How to Win By John Arquilla

Malnutrition Take Your Vitamins By Bjørn Lomborg

Anti-Americanism A Smarter Superpower By Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Internet Security Masters of Their Domain By Mikko Hypponen

The AIDS Pandemic A Shot of Prevention By Seth Berkley

Illiberal Democracy No Representation Without Taxation By Philip Bobbitt

Poverty The World for Sale By Jeffrey D. Sachs

Malaria How to Stop a Serial Killer By C.K. Prahalad

Nuclear Proliferation The Nuclear Option By Lt. Gen. William E. Odom

Simple Solutions A Chorus of Solutions By Thomas Homer-Dixon

A decade of Global Thinkers

A decade of Global Thinkers

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