The Globalization Index 2007: Trafficking in Information

When you log on, there's a good chance you're also visiting Miami, London, or Bonn.

An advanced highway system is often credited for the rise of the Roman Empire; goods, soldiers, and tax revenues could move across great distances at remarkable speed for the age. But if all roads once led to Rome, today’s Internet superhighway leads to the world’s most open countries. More-globalized countries tend to have more international Internet bandwidth, a measure of the size of the "pipe" through which e-mail and Web pages cross borders. The United States leads the way in the amount of international cybertraffic it can handle; indeed, its capacity is so large, most e-mails zooming between Latin America and Europe pass through the United States. Likewise, London is a leading transit point for trans-Atlantic traffic destined for Europe. The sun may have set on the British Empire, but it is still a Heathrow of cyberspace.

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