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Expert Sitings: Mark Lynas

Mark Lynas is a columnist for Britain's New Statesman magazine and the author of High Tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis. His blog can be found at
RealClimate is a blog where you can find intelligent writing on global warming that is unfiltered by the media. Visitors expecting nerds in white coats will be disappointed; these bloggers are good. Look out for devastating critiques of "climate change denial," wherever it rears its ugly head.
A weekly enviro-news magazine that gives the lie to the gloom-and-doom green stereotype, Grist is chatty, relentlessly upbeat, and full of eye-wateringly bad puns.
With a news headline service on climate change culled from media across the world, the fact that’s list of posts is getting longer and longer shows how much global warming is in the news. Get it by e-mail or go to the site.
NASA’s online Earth Observatory contains Earth system science for the regular guy. I enjoy looking at its stunning, high-resolution photos of dust storms and hurricanes taken from space — a guilty pleasure when I should be working.

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