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Expert Sitings: Curt Hopkins

Curt Hopkins is founder and executive director of the Committee to Protect Bloggers, a nonprofit organization that works to safeguard bloggers' rights and monitors the persecution of bloggers around the world.
Because Zimbabwe has no independent media, and no foreign correspondents live there, Zimbabwean Pundit is one of the few places that provides up-to-date, uncensored news on this increasingly authoritarian country. An anonymous site, it embodies blogs’ potential to break through a government’s complete control of domestic media.
BSD, as insiders call it, is a blog written by a group of European journalists. It collates and analyzes all the European news stories that never make it into U.S. newspapers.
Amarji is a blog written by Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian dissident and Brookings Institution scholar. His relentlessly contrarian analysis of the Middle East is unapologetically hostile toward the Syrian regime.
Awful Plastic Surgery, the Web site of an unnamed plastic surgeon with a chip on his shoulder, is the apotheosis of blogging. It bad-mouths celebrities with botched liposuctions and bad collagen implants; so beautiful it frequently leaves me in tears.