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Expert Sitings: Ismail Serageldin

Ismail Serageldin is director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina ( A new incarnation of Egypt's famed ancient repository of knowledge, the library can hold more than 8 million books and includes seven research institutes, three museums, six art galleries, and an incredible digital document collection.
About six times a year, the Internet Archive copies all of the Web’s public pages and saves them in a searchable online format, a historical collection of the Web stretching back to 1996. The archive was founded by Internet pioneer Brewster Kahle, and a copy was donated to our library.
I use a lot of unusual and eccentric Web sites. One of these is Behind the Name, a site that gives the meanings of forenames from many cultures and languages.
Digital libraries are still in their infancy, but they will have a profound impact on the future. I particularly enjoy Project Gutenberg, the world’s oldest provider of free electronic books, established at the University of Illinois in 1971. The site currently makes available the full text of about 13,000 books, mostly English-language classics.
I am always grateful for Web tools that make everyday life easier. XE, a free, simple, and user-friendly currency converter, makes dealing with rands, riyals, euros, and dollars a breeze.

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