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Expert Sitings: John E. Pike

John E. Pike is director of, a nonprofit organization that he founded in December 2000. Pike previously worked with the Federation of American Scientists, where he directed the Space Policy, Cyberstrategy, Military Analysis, Nuclear Resource, and Intelligence Resource projects. Here are his top recommended sites for detailed information on a diverse range of policy concerns:
Read the CIA’s open source reporting of translated non-English news for $25 a week on World News Connection.
The U.S. Department of State’s Washington File is the leading free source of U.S. government information.
Systran’s Babel Fish translator is a miracle for the linguistically challenged, providing astonishingly usable text and URL translations to English from 11 languages.
The Nuclear Weapons and Waste section of the Natural Resources Defense Council site is a font of knowledge and illumination.
The British American Security Information Council provides provocative analysis on a wide range of issues.

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