May 20, 2010

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The LWOT: US asserts right to target Americans; Shahzad appears in court

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The Wise Men and The Bomb

Some of the leading figures of the atomic age argue for a dramatic reduction in nuclear weapons — ultimately down to zero. Why?


Ethiopia’s Democratic Sham

A government clampdown has rendered the outcome of Sunday's parliamentary elections a foregone conclusion. Washington doesn't seem to mind that its ally, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is assured a win.


Quiz: Which country had the highest rate of economic growth in 2009?

Quiz: Which country had the highest rate of economic growth in 2009?


Indonesia Learns Chinese

A once-banned language makes a comeback.

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Rise of the Eurocons

Why the continent's conservative moment won't last.

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Turkey’s Zero-Problems Foreign Policy

The Turkish government this week brokered an 11th-hour nuclear fuel swap deal with Iran. Turkey's foreign minister explains the principles that made it possible.

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Beijing’s Billions

China's foreign-policy ambitions could change the way it spends its money abroad.


Afghanistan’s Might-Have Been

Former presidential hopeful Abdullah Abdullah tells Washington that supporting Hamid Karzai and doing right by Afghanistan aren't the same thing.


Five Primaries Where the World Matters

From immigration to defense spending to Israel, foreign policy is making a surprising showing this election season.

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