Would you let Julian Assange crash on your couch?

Would you let Julian Assange crash on your couch?

Yesterday, the Internets were abuzz with the discovery of Julian Assange’s OkCupid profile, under the alias HarryHarrison. Now, it seems HarryHarrison also had a profile set up (members only) on, a site that helps travelers find hosts to stay with when traveling.

The picture is certainly Assange and the profile does feel real. His last login was December 17th, 2006 from Budapest and his occupation is listed as “Investigative journalist / rabble rouser.” In case you’re wondering about his taste in movie/books/music, he likes “Obscure works produced under difficult circumstances by courageous authors”. The people he enjoys include, “Voltaire. Richard Feynman. My parents.”

Anyone who hosts him can look forward to “Many stories from attempted assassinations in Africa to telephone taps in Australia, to under cover in Egypt, election rigging, deportations, Russian mafia, scientific expeditions, politician’s wives…”

The reviews from other users who have hosted “HarryHarrison” or stayed at his place in Melbourne are overwhelmingly positive.