Sudan next?

Sudan next?

Sudan Tribune reports that activists in Khartoun have called protests for Sunday, looking to emulate recent developments in Tunisia and Egypt:

An email seen on Friday, which Sudan Tribune has paraphrased due to spelling errors, called for mass demonstrations in Khartoum on Sunday saying it was the ‘right time to rise against oppression and despair’.

‘Everyone could do something positive’ the email said, ‘we shall rise and leave behind passiveness… We have to do this, for our children to live with dignity… for us to live the life that every human deserves.’

‘If the Egyptians can break the fear barrier… so can we. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!’

The email, also posted on the internet, went on to note that previous Sudanese governments have been overthrown by popular uprisings.

Tunisia’s protests are being widely reported as the first time an Arab leader has been ousted by a popular uprising. However, Sudan, a member of the Arabic league, despite its significant non-Arab and non-Islamic groups has seen two leaders deposed by popular uprisings.

More than 8,000 people have signed up to attend the protest on Facebook.

Sudan’s main Islamist opposition leader, Hassan al-Turabi, was arrested last week after calling for a Tunisia-style uprising. Is it possible that for all the attention focused on the seperation of Southern Sudan, the bigger threat to the Sudanese regime might have been right under Omar al-Bashir’s nose?