Revolution in the Arab World

What to look for in FP's new exclusive ebook on the uprisings sweeping the Middle East.


Introduction By Blake Hounshell and Marc Lynch

Chapter 1: Rumblings of Revolution

January 2010: After Pharaoh By Issandr El Amrani

June 2010: Even Iran’s Regime Hates Iran’s Regime By Karim Sadjadpour

 June 2010: The Hollow Arab Core By Marc Lynch

June 2010: "Reform," Saudi Style By Toby C. Jones

July 2010: Can Egypt Change? By Steven A. Cook

October 2010: Our Man in Sanaa By Ellen Knickmeyer

 October 2010: The Death of Egypt’s Free Press By David Kenner

January 2011: Making Fun of Pharaoh By Issandr El Amrani

Chapter 2: Tunisia: An Unlikely Spark

The Wages of Arab Decay By Marc Lynch

A Month Made for Drama By Christopher Alexander

The Rise and Fall of Ben Ali By Christopher Alexander

Where Have All the Islamists Gone? By Michael Koplow

Did WikiLeaks Take Down Tunisia’s Government? By Tom Malinowski

What Tunisia Will Mean for Arab Democracy By Steven Heydemann

A Middle-Class Revolution By Eric Goldstein

Chapter 3: 18 Days in Cairo

January 25: Tear Gas on the Day of Rage By Ashraf Khalil

February 1: A Wounded Father Figure By Ashraf Khalil

February 2: With Eyes Red from Rage By Amil Khan

Later February 2: Day of the Thugs By Ashraf Khalil

February 3: Sword vs. Pen By Ashraf Khalil

February 4: Fortress Tahrir By Ashraf Khalil

February 4: Two Cups of Tea By Blake Hounshell

February 7: A New Leader for Egypt’s Protesters By Blake Hounshell

February 8: The Revolution Is Not Over By Blake Hounshell

February 9: Egypt’s Foreigner Blame Game By Peter Bouckaert

February 10: ‘We Need to Drag Him from His Palace’ By Ashraf Khalil

February 11: Pharaoh Is Dead, Long Live Pharaoh? By Blake Hounshell

February 12: After the Party By Ashraf Khalil

Chapter 4: Revolution-Makers

The Arab World’s Youth Army By Ellen Knickmeyer

Revolution U By Tina Rosenberg

The Hopeful Network By Maryam Ishani

 We Need to ‘Keep Kicking Their Behinds’: Mohamed ElBaradei on His New Life of Protest Interview by Blake Hounshell

 The Al Jazeera Effect By Hugh Miles

Chapter 5: Barack Obama and the New Mideast

RIP, Engagement By James Traub

The New Arab World Order By Robert D. Kaplan

Welcome to the Real World, Mr. Obama By Gary Sick

Blogging Egypt: Marc Lynch on Obama’s Challenge

Returning Freedom to the Agenda By Elliott Abrams

The Right Way to Engage By Zalmay Khalilzad

Policy Fit for a Bumper Sticker By Stephen Sestanovich

Cairo Wasn’t Obama’s to Lose By Aaron David Miller

Chapter 6: Now What? Revolution and Its Discontents

Winners, Losers, and the Still Unknown By Stephen M. Walt

Revolutionary Triumph? Maybe. By Nathan J. Brown

The Tyrant Is Dead, But What About His Tyranny? By Mohammed Ayoob

The End of the Beginning By David A. Bell

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