Deep Dive – A Special Joint Project with Foreign Policy and The Brookings Institution

Deep Dive – A Special Joint Project with Foreign Policy and The Brookings Institution

Welcome to Deep Dive, a unique monthly policy conversation about the world’s most pressing issues. Each month, we tackle a new subject from the top of the Washington agenda, featuring key players from Capitol Hill and the executive branch, as well as other global decision-makers, as we go deep on the issues shaping Washington’s intersection with the world. In this special edition, we take on the new global trade wars with contributions from the director-general of the World Trade Organization, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and other global insiders — and a definitive briefing from Brookings scholar Joshua Meltzer. The debate couldn’t be more timely, with the U.S. Congress set to consider controversial new free-trade deals with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama and the future of the WTO very much up for grabs.


  • A Bad Trade
    By Todd Tucker

  • Bretton Woods

    America’s Free Trade Moment
    By Sen. Orrin Hatch

  • BRICs

    Finish Doha, Save the Fish
    By Peter Allgeier

  • How Democrats Learned to Love Trade Deals
    An Interview with Ron Kirk

  • The Future of Trade
    By Joshua Meltzer

  • Time for a System Upgrade
    By Pascal Lamy

  • TradeTrade

    The People’s Prescription
    By Howard Rosen

  • A Market For Good
    By Sen. Max Baucus

  • BRICs

    On Trade
    A Blog By Clyde Prestowitz


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