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British r Coming. Pls RT!

What if Twitter had been around during the American Revolution?


@KingGeorge3 I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not help me reach 10k followers today is a traitor.

@SamAdams Tweet up at the harbor Nov 28. Bring tea. Mohawk costume optional #TeaParty

@PatrickHenry Give me liberty or give me death #BOOM

@LordNorth @SamAdams @PatrickHenry You guys are in big trouble

@PaulRevere British r coming Pls RT

@PaulRevere @RobertNewman Correction: That’s ONE if by land, TWO if by sea

@ConcordMinutemen #shotsfired

@ConcordMinutemen No really…shots have been fired

@GeorgeWashington I love the smell of musket powder in the morning. #Ticonderoga

@TomJefferson Working on a major declaration. Dropping July 4. Stay tuned.

@TomJefferson When in the course of human events…[Read more via Tweetlonger]

@JohnHancock COSIGN RT @TomJefferson When in the course of human events…

@KingGeorge3 Shorter Declaration of Independence: Waaaahh…my tea is too expensive!

@BetsyRoss Check out what I made! 

@BenFranklin Got an idea for the national bird. The Turkey! Amiright?

@GeneralHowe Blowout in BKLYN this weekend

@KingLouisXVI We fully support the democratic aspirations of the American people #NotAPrecedent

@GeorgeWashington Crossing Delaware

@KingGeorge3 FML!!! RT @GeneralBurgoyne Surrendering Saratoga

@GeorgeWashington Checked in at Valley Forge on Foursquare

@JohnAdams @AbigailAdams I can’t stand Versailles. SO over the top.

@AbigailAdams @JohnAdams So sorry for you. We have no food.

@TomJefferson @SallyHemmings Miss you gurl

@TomJefferson Wait…how do you do a DM again?

@BenedictArnold Thrilled to announce my new position with the British Army!

@GeorgeWashington EVERYBODY UNFOLLOW @BenedictArnold

@JohnPaulJones I have not yet begun to fight, Bitchezzzzzz

@GeneralCornwallis We’ll always have Yorktown

@KingGeorge3 +1 RT @GeneralCornwallis We’ll always have Yorktown

@GeneralCornwallis We no longer have Yorktown

@KingGeorge3 So done with this

@GeorgeWashington #Winning

@KingLouisXVI Vive la liberté! #totallynotaprecedent

@BenFranklin In Paris for treaty signing w/ @JohnAdams and @JohnJay

@AlexanderHamilton hating teh Articles of Confederation right now

Katie Cella is an editorial researcher at Foreign Policy.