Suggestion for Mediation Between the Islamic Movements and the West

In the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed – This suggestion and idea and all what follows is to seek Allah’s acceptance in accord with Allah’s Sharia and the one condition is that all its content must comply with Sharia and anything against Sharia is unacceptable and cannot be executed. If it is executed ...

In the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed

– This suggestion and idea and all what follows is to seek Allah’s acceptance in accord with Allah’s Sharia and the one condition is that all its content must comply with Sharia and anything against Sharia is unacceptable and cannot be executed. If it is executed on any basis [other] than Sharia, then we wash our hands of it.

– The person (or those) proposing this idea is a member (or members) of the Islamic movement and does not represent a wing or a certain group. He comes forward as a general member of the Islamic movement.

– My role in presenting this proposition is solely [as] a mediator between the Islamic movement in general and the West. I do not speak for the Islamic movement or the Mujahideen and I do not negotiate on their behalf. I only present this proposition as the basis for a preliminary agreement for negotiation between the two parties.

– In essence, even though my role comes as a mediator, the goal is to propose this idea for the interest of the Islamic movement and the Muslims and I take their side because I am one of them.

– I do not want or seek any personal interest or gains from this proposal.

– This proposal did not originate from weakness, as it comes at a victorious time for the Islamic movement, but it’s merely a reconciliation based on Sharia laws and not based on surrendering or giving in.


America and the West have become the prime enemy of the Muslims because of the infringements America and its allies committed toward the Islamic World, through their occupation and intervention from the time of the Crusades — and in what became known as colonization and what is happening now in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Arabian Gulf, including the support to the enemies of the Muslims like the nation of Israel in Palestine and others, and by instating rulers and regimes who fulfill the interests of the West and defend it, and forbids Muslims from declaring their nation based on Sharia as they continue to support these nations and preserve it. There are nations in the world that are more controversial and distant from the West than the Muslims, like the atheists, but the animosity of the West toward the Muslims comes in the first degree in the war and animosity against Muslims.

The goal of the Muslims and the Islamic movement is to implement Allah’s Sharia to establish the nation of Islam, which is their right and their duty according to the teachings of their religion.

Muslims, with Allah’s will, continue to seek this goal regardless of what obstacles they face and will put all their efforts to reach this goal using their money and souls with no fear, and that will raise their value with their God.

The Muslims will continue to target the West if they feel that the West forbids Muslims from establishing their nation in order to implement Allah’s orders in their country and if they sense direct intervention by the West or regimes instated in their land with the support of the West.

More than a billion Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to implement Allah’s orders of establishing Sharia in their lands to implement Allah’s word, and they consider themselves victorious through martyrdom or victory.

What happened so far is only the beginning. It’s like an open door, and the wheel is turning fast, like a snowball running down a steep mountain.

The matter does not revolve around an organization or a certain group, be it al Qaeda or others. It is a genie out of a bottle, an ideology that has spread through the Islamic movement and among those loyal Muslims, and not just a group, movement, or nationality. Terminating a faction or group does not mean the end of the problem, but further complicating it

The next hit or string of attacks cannot be anticipated. No single group or persons can force themselves to control the situation or prevent it.

Tens, hundreds, or thousands of attempts may fail, but one can succeed and destroy the Western civilization, especially after what happened, indeed, from attempts of obtaining weapons of mass destruction and the escalation of violence and counter-violence in Iraq.

The only way of controlling this is for the Islamic movement to give their word and sign an honorable agreement that ensures their goals of instating Allah’s Sharia. All members of the movement will comply [in] abiding by such [an] agreement because that will be part of the obedience to Allah. Like killing is a duty toward Allah in Jihad, so is the compliance to agreements and treaties as is stated in the teachings of Islam.

Chances are not repeated. I had proposed a similar idea prior to September 11 attacks which was in the interest of the Islamic movement and chances of its success at the time were much higher. If it succeeded, the confrontation between the different Islamic factions and the United States, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia [might have been avoided], but it was misappropriated through a security point of view and not taken seriously by arrogant officials, which led to the events that followed after that. 

Proposal Summary

Seeking to mediate a truce, reconciliation, or agreement between the Islamic movement, the United States, and the West, in order for the United States and the West to leave the Muslim nations and stop fighting the Islamic movement and the Muslims and stop meddling into their regions, and stop supporting the rulers and the regimes that oppose them in order to allow the Muslims to implement their religion and establish their nation so that they can fix the corruption, the United States and the West should commit and work to allow the Muslims to do that. In return, the Muslims will stop fighting the United States and the West and stop intervening in their business as long as the agreement prevails.


This is a preliminary proposal to be presented to both parties:

– A 10-year truce; renewable.

– The West and the United States and those who will join them must stop immediately intervening in the land of the Muslims and withdraw their forces from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gulf.

– The United States and the West stops supporting the rulers and regimes that fight the Muslims and challenge the establishment of Islamic nations. To fix the past, the United States and the West should allow the Islamic movement to the nation of Muslims at least in the areas that have supported the emergence of the Islamic project, in addition to allowing the Islamic movement freedom in expressing their opinions and representation, and urge regimes to stop pressuring them.

– The United States stops immediately in intervening to spoil the Muslim religion and its teachings through meddling in the curriculum, directly or indirectly.

– Release of all hostages and the prisoners from both parties. Canceling the pursuit and following of any factions. Release of all those detained in the United States and the West, and the rulers and regimes allied with them that rule the Islamic nations and oppress them.

– End of what America, the West, and the regimes allied with them call the war on Islam, in the name of terrorism.

– The Islamic movement stops its war against the United States and the West, and its operations in on their soil.

– The Islamic movement stops any attacks on people or properties related to the United States and the West outside of the West or in the land of the Muslims.

– The Islamic movement protects the people and properties of the United States and the West, and their allies inside the areas that will implement Islamic Sharia and the Islamic state with the condition that their presence is legitimate.

– The Islamic movement stops provoking the United States and the West, and stops meddling into their business. The United States and the West also refrains from doing the same with the Islamic movement.

– The Islamic movement should be free in implementing Allah’s Sharia in its regions and the West has no right to intervene whatsoever. The movement is able to deal with its various factions to implement their own system. Islamic Sharia rejects democracy under the Western terms that gives governance to the people. Islam has its own regulations and standards that have been successfully implemented for hundreds of years before Western democracy and capitalism. Islamic nations will implement its regulations in its international, internal, and economic dealings and will instate a caliphate for the Muslims.

– The Islamic state has the right to deal freely with any nation that does not enter an alliance with the West or an alliance with the Islamic movement in the manner of its choice through reconciliation, agreement, alliance, rejection, or jihad, and the West cannot intervene or assist these nations. The opposite is also viable. The West may go to war or form agreements with the non-Muslim nations that have not signed on to the agreement. Nations that want to join the alliance after the agreement must get the approval of both parties.

Moving Forward: A Practical Proposition

– A mediation committee will be formed of a limited number of people accepted by the Islamic movement.

– This committee will conduct communication between our members and hold meetings in order to ease communication between all the Islamic movements.

– A group of people will be brought together that may have good influence on the Islamic movement in addition to the committee of mediators.

– Communication channels and personal meetings should be facilitated in order to share opinions needed to achieve success.

This document was written by Mohamed Mohamed Rabie Al Zawahiri and translated by Mohamed Fadel Fahmy. 

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