January 22, 2015


Why Yemen’s Implosion Matters

The Shiite-Houthi takeover of the government in Sanaa is a call to arms for al Qaeda.


King Abdullah Dies, Disrupting Saudi Arabia at a Sensitive Time

Plunging oil prices, the Islamic State, and a shadow war throughout the Middle East. The next ruler of the House of Saud has a full plate.


FP’s 2015 Pacific Power Index

From moguls to migrants, Harvard to Huawei: 50 people shaping the future of the U.S.-China relationship.


Still Waiting for Davos Woman

The Alpine retreat is both absurd and worthy -- but can't achieve its goals as long as it is primarily a guy thing.

Defense Secretary Hagel Gives Briefing At The Pentagon

When Is a Body Count Not a Body Count?

The Obama administration claims to have killed 6,000 Islamic State fighters, but the military worries that tallying up the dead will bring up bad memories of the lost war in Vietnam.


Nigeria Keeps Playing the Boko Haram Blame Game

The Islamist insurgency group wreaking havoc across northern Nigeria and Cameroon is starting to pose a larger regional threat. But the Nigerian government has been slow to act and fast to point fingers.


Davos Diary: Iran Sends a Smaller Delegation to Davos

After trying to throw the doors wide for investors last year, Iranian representatives lie low this year.

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Open the Trade Gates: U.S., India Revive Ties With Enterprise

The world's largest democracies are closing doors on contentious issues of the past, and letting the trade gates wide open, unleashing a new wave of U.S.-India courtship not seen in years.

Greece Prepares For This Weekend's General Election

The ECB’s Q.E.D.

Will the European Central Bank’s 1.1 trillion euro quantitative easing prove enough to get the eurozone economy back on track?


Obama to Bibi: No Meeting for You

Congress will get to hear from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March. But Bibi isn’t getting an audience with the president.


Egypt to Investors: Autocratic Government Means We’re Safe for Business

Egypt hopes to jump-start its economy by attracting foreign investors and is touting itself as a stable destination for foreign capital.


Read All of FP’s Davos 2015 Coverage

All of Foreign Policy's 2015 Davos coverage.

Azerbaijani President Aliyev Meets With Merkel In Berlin

Davos Diary: Merkel: Time for Europe to Do Its Homework

European countries need to do the work to make their economies more competitive, despite new stimulus from the central bank.


Is Haiti Backsliding Into Dictatorship?

With President Michel Martelly now ruling by decree, the political crisis in Port-au-Prince has reached a zenith. Can democracy survive in the Western hemisphere's poorest country?

Rally in Pakistan

Capture the Flag in Afghanistan

ISIS is trying to make inroads into Afghanistan but how likely are Afghan’s to replace their white Taliban flags with the black ISIS flag?


The Death of Ukraine’s Cyborg Army

If the United States is really supporting Ukraine, as President Obama claims, then why are Kiev’s forces getting hammered?


Davos Diary: Huawei’s Reclusive Founder Wants You to Know Just How Useless He Is

The world's largest telecommunications company's CEO spoke at Davos about how useless and ignorant he has been throughout his career.


Can Argentina Find Justice Without Alberto Nisman?

The prosecutor investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center has died suspiciously. He may have been Argentina's last hope for finding the truth.


Yemen’s President Hadi Yields to Houthi Demands But Gunmen Remain

Yemen's President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has conceded to the demands of Houthi fighters, though gunmen remain positioned outside the president’s house and palace.


Profit and Loss in Somalia

A former Delta Force soldier went to Mogadishu to help a little-known company train African soldiers to fight al-Shabab. He never came home.


To Beat China, Be China

For years, economists have argued that the Indian economy should grow faster than China’s. Is it finally on track to do so?

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