Video: Two Aerial Daredevils Buzz Dubai Skyscrapers In Jetpacks

Beautiful 4K video documents insane aerial stunts over futuristic skyscrapers and desert dunes.

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“It’s total freedom.” That’s how Swiss pilot Yves Rossy has described the sensation of flying his jetpack at high speeds alongside bombers, over the Grand Canyon, and, now, over the skies of Dubai. His latest stunt is documented in a beautiful, mind-boggling video that shows Rossy and a flying partner frolic over Dubai’s desert landscapes and then sees them skim the faces of that city’s futuristic skyscrapers.

The full video is below, and it’s nothing less than candy for the eyes. Make it full-screen and jack up the resolution to 4K.

Maybe now that two men have buzzed the world’s tallest buildings in jetpacks, perhaps we can finally put to rest that old canard about the future that refuses to arrive.


Elias Groll is a staff writer at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @EliasGroll

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