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There’s a Satellite Orbiting the Earth Named After Skrillex’s Dog

The Grammy-winning DJ partnered with Google to send a satellite into space.


The United States no longer sends its own space shuttles into the heavens, and NASA’s budget is under constant assault. But rest assured, America is not without a strong presence in the universe: There’s now a satellite in a space named after Skrillex’s dog.

It’s hard to say what, exactly, is going on in the YouTube video, posted below. There’s a bit about aliens, some skateboarding, and then a guy wearing a black hood showing off Android phone cases designed by the popular DJ. There’s some dancing, some music, and a lot of whispers of the word “maybe.”

We then get to the kicker: Google, which develops software for Android, sent a satellite named after Skrillex’s dog, Nanou, into space.

We’ll let the video speak for itself, but it’s worth quoting Skrillex’s parting words as the spacecraft departs the earth.

“We let our little baby Nanou up into the stratosphere in a little balloon. He flew away. We waved bye to him. And he’s up there right now all by himself taking photos of the earth. You know, who knows, he may even run into some unexplained, maybe he’ll even run into some UFOs.”

Watch below.

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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