Tom’s 4 Questions for AfPak Hand Vets

Tom’s 4 Questions for AfPak Hand Vets

These are answers from Christy Barry, who was an Air Force JAG:

— Are you glad you did it?  

Absolutely, but I would re-format some of the training.

— Would you do it again?  


— How do you think it has affected your career?

It killed my career (tragic), but it was worth the sacrifice in some sense. And does that effect matter to you? It does matter — I left the military as a result (for both personal and professional reasons), which was a tremendously difficult decision. But from a personal perspective, I have no regrets about the AF/PAK Hands program; only the leadership that I had to work under at NTM-A/CSTC-A.

— What else should people remember about this experiment?  

Concept was spot on/execution was poor.

Photo credit: Matthew Freire/Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System