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Visual Statement

The Grossips

By Stefanos Andreadis

"For weeks after the Saturday Evening Post published Norman Rockwell’s The Gossips on one of its 1948 covers, thousands of readers sent letters asking the same question: What exactly was the juicy piece of information? The answer was never given.

Here, I attempt to modernize Rockwell’s work by applying his characters—their movements, expressions, and tones—to Greek society. The country’s severe economic instability has caused social decay, violence, poverty, and corruption. My piece shows the gossip being circulated among teens, anarchists, policemen, politicians, soldiers, judges, reporters—the conversation involves all walks of life—about a possible exit, or Grexit, from the eurozone.

My country’s debt crisis did two things: It displayed the flaws of our political aesthetic, and it also showed the problems of our society. The masked person, whose identity will never be revealed, is the person most responsible."

Stefanos Andreadis is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Athens, Greece. A version of this article originally appeared in the September/October 2015 issue of Foreign Policy.

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