The Power of the Purse

2015 Global Thinkers Shannon Schuyler and Amy-Willard Cross discuss the importance of supporting women in business — and penalizing those who won’t.


In this week’s Global Thinkers podcast, PwC Corporate Responsibility Leader Shannon Schuyler and Buy Up Index creator Amy-Willard Cross explore the importance of gender parity in leadership — and just how much progress is left to be made. FP Story Editor Amanda Silverman hosts.

About the participants:

Amy-Willard Cross is a 2015 Global Thinker and the creator of Buy Up Index, an app that seeks to remedy the fact that American women only earn 84 percent of what men do, yet make 85 percent of the buying decisions. The program uses public data to grade some 150 companies and 800 brands on how female-friendly they are — using metrics such as the number of women in leadership and quality of maternity leave. She’s also the founder of Vitamin W Media. Follow her on Twitter: @amy2pt0.

Shannon Schuyler is a 2015 Global Thinker and the corporate responsibility leader at PwC. Last fall, she paired PwC with the Civil Accelerator, an investment fund, to help women gain access to capital. This spring, with PwC funding, Civic Accelerator’s cohort of 13 U.S. start-ups — all of which had at least one female founder — participated in a 10-week boot camp to test ideas and connect with investors. Follow her on Twitter: @ShannonSchuyler.

Amanda Silverman is a story editor at FP. Follow her on Twitter: @apsilverman.

This podcast was recorded at FP’s annual Global Thinkers celebration in Washington, D.C.

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