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Trump Hits Below the Belt to Attack Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump unleashes his most vulgar attack to date on Hillary Clinton.


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has used colorful language to describe women, Muslims, and his opponents for the Republican ticket. Late Monday, he reached a new low when talking about Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to more than 7,000 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump used the most vulgar language to date to describe Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee for president.

First, he used Clinton’s bathroom break during Saturday’s Democratic debate to pounce.

“I know where she went — it’s disgusting, I don’t want to talk about it,” Trump said. “No, it’s too disgusting. Don’t say it; it’s disgusting.”

Later, he used a slang word for penis to characterize Clinton’s 2008 loss to Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the White House.

“She was favored to win, and she got schlonged,” Trump said.

Hitting below the belt, so to speak, could backfire on Trump, as it did for a fellow Republican pol from New York in 1998: Then, U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato infamously referred to his Democratic challenger, Chuck Schumer, as a “putzhead” in his ultimately losing bid for re-election.

A national Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday found that Trump still leads among the Republican field of candidates but showed Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas closing in, within 4 percentage points. In a head-to-head race against Clinton, the Democrat would handily defeat Trump, 47 percent to 40 percent, the poll found. The survey of 1,140 registered voters nationwide had a 2.9 percentage point margin of error, which expanded to 4.4 points among the 508 Republican voters polled.

This is far from the first time the billionaire businessman has used questionable language to describe women. After the first Republican presidential debate in August, Trump said of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, one of the moderators, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump’s insult to Clinton comes after the former secretary of state and former New York senator said the Islamic State is using videos of the real estate mogul making incendiary comments about Muslims to recruit new members.

“She’s terrible,” Trump said Monday night. Then, impersonating Clinton’s voice, he continued, “Donald Trump is on video, and ISIS is using him on the video to recruit.”

“And it turned out to be a lie — she’s a liar!” Trump said. “And the last person she wants to run against is me.”

A Clinton spokesman said she has no plans to apologize. “Hell, no,” said spokesman Brian Fallon.

Photo credit: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

David Francis was a senior reporter for Foreign Policy, where he covered international finance. @davidcfrancis

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