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This Photo Shows Why Hillary’s Cruising

One person - a guy named Kenneth - showed up at Martin O'Malley's Iowa town hall last night.


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is running a quixotic campaign for the 2016 Democratic ticket. He’s largely an afterthought in the debates with frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and he’s polling at less than five percent nationally. But that doesn’t mean he’s not trying, even if almost nobody is paying attention.

Except for a man named Kenneth, that is.

At a campaign stop in Iowa Monday night, exactly one person showed up to a town hall hosted by O’Malley. According to ABC News, his name is Kenneth.

To be fair, a snowstorm in Iowa kept many people off the roads Monday night. But O’Malley made light of his lone attendee on MSNBC Tuesday morning. He said, “The very last event of the night, we actually had a whopping total of one person show up, but by God, he was glad to see me. So we spent the time with him.”

The former Maryland governor couldn’t resist what seemed like a weather-related quip, adding that he “was glad [Kenneth] took the time to come out in the snow to see me. We almost canceled that last event but we were out there anyway, so we plowed through.”

Unfortunately for O’Malley, he’s yet to secure Kenneth’s vote. The mystery Iowan — we only know his name is Kenneth — remains uncommitted to any candidate, O’Malley said.

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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