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Big trouble at the Al Udeid grab ‘n’ go; 2 Navy submarine commanders walk plank; A sign that the admiral no longer cared?

Here’s one Air Force officer who seems to have time on his hands.



Here’s one Air Force officer who seems to have time on his hands.

In other news, the Navy fired a submarine commander for a navigational error. Nothing unusual here except for the grace of the relieved officer’s statement: “The actions that hazarded GEORGIA upon a scheduled return to port in the dark on the morning of 25 Nov. were mine alone. I ask that my lapses not be used to denigrate the terrific service of the Sailors and families of GEORGIA BLUE. After thirty years of serving in the world’s finest Navy, my only regret is that I will miss sailing with them again to stand against our nation’s enemies.” Meantime, another submarine commander was relieved on charges of “unspecified reasons.”

And the rear admiral in the Pacific Fleet was given the heave-ho for viewing porn on his work computer. The Pacific Fleet does not seem to me to be a happy place in recent years.

Image: John Q. Public blog


Thomas E. Ricks covered the U.S. military from 1991 to 2008 for the Wall Street Journal and then the Washington Post. He can be reached at Twitter: @tomricks1

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