Navy deep-sixes attack sub skipper

Navy deep-sixes attack sub skipper


This time it was the commander of the USS Dallas. Loss of confidence. A Navy spokesman said the removal was the result of “long-term professional performance shortfalls, and not due to any acts of personal misconduct or any singular event.”

Meantime, the Virginian-Pilot reported that the CO of the Anzio, relieved last September, was “drunk in public, used alcohol and had personal firearms aboard the Anzio, created a hostile work environment, used indecent language, sexually harassed female officers and misused government vehicles.” Notice how that vehicle thing always gets chucked in?

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Navy for its openness, and wonder again why the Army and Air Force aren’t as open. Can’t be for reasons of privacy law, because the Navy routinely discloses these actions.

Photo credit: U.S. Defense Visual Information Center/U.S. National Archives/Wikimedia Commons