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Johnny Depp as Donald Trump Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Johnny Depp might have reversed a run of flops with <i>The Art of the Deal</i>.


Johnny Depp has had a run of critical flops in recent years, from Mortdecai (Rotten Tomatoes score: 13 percent) to The Lone Ranger (Rotten Tomatoes score: 31 percent). But with The Art of the Deal: the Movie, where Depp plays GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, he might have reversed the trend.

Here’s the story: Ron Howard — yes, the Ron Howard — claims to have found a film “lost in the Cybill Shepherd blouse fire of 1989” and “(not) based on the #1 national bestselling book” that Trump originally published in 1987, titled The Art of the Deal. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Howard says the flick was preempted by a Monday Night Football game and never aired. The movie stars Depp as Trump, and Edward Scissorhands just nails it.

It comes from Funny or Die, the website dedicated to short, funny videos from established comedians like Zach Galifianakis, as well as from up-and-comers. But this is far from tidy: The entire thing is more than 50 minutes long.

The producers went all in on this. Alongside Depp, they’ve casted Alfred Molina, Stephen Merchant, Patton Oswalt, Jack McBrayer, Andy Richter, Michaela Watkins, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Alf (young people, click here).

Funny or Die bills the movie as “what might end up being the most politically important film in American history. Well, certainly since Dave.” Whether that’s a sentiment the Republican front-runner would endorse remains to be seen.

You can catch the trailer here, and the entire movie here.

Photo credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images

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