Yes, There Is Actually an Instagram Account Collecting Photos of ‘Hot Migrants’

Someone is collecting photos of migrants they think are hot and posting them on Instagram.

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Someone out there in the depths of the horrible place we call the Internet is going through photos of migrants and refugees, saving ones of men thought of as hot, and then uploading them to Instagram. Their handle? @hotmigrants.

“Handsome fella at the border crossing between Greece and Macedonia #greatsmile #hotmen,” reads the caption on the account’s first photo, which was posted on March 4. “OMG I can’t,” said one user.

Foreign Policy feels the need to clarify that, no, this is not a joke. The account’s anonymous creator has posted 25 times since launching @hotmigrants last week. Captions include “boat rescue survivor,” “#afghan migrant arriving by sea, his hotness can’t flee #tagsforlikes,” and the particularly tasteless “Crossed the Aegean? [checkmark] Looking flawless in Lesbos? [checkmark checkmark checkmark]”

At least 230 people died crossing the Aegean Sea in January alone.

In one photo, a man stands holding a young girl in tattered clothes, and the text underneath reads “Waiting handsomely for a better life #DadGoals #migrantcrisis #handsome #migrants.”

So far, the account hasn’t gotten too much traction, with fewer than 1,000 followers as of noon on Friday. But from many of those who follow it, they have nothing but positive encouragement for whoever is running it.

“He’s gorgeous. Am I going to Hell for thinking that?” wrote one user. “Can’t beat sex appeal,” wrote another.

“This is the account I’ve been waiting for. Thank you,” one person posted on a photo of a man stuck between the borders of Macedonia and Serbia, where thousands of people have been sleeping outside with little shelter and food.

But really, the account description says it all: “Handsome men on their journey to Europe,” its creator wrote. “Their countries might be falling apart but their sex appeal still goes strong. Follow & Share.”

Photo credit: Instagram

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