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A Dutch Newspaper Finds the Perfect Way to Explain Trump

A Dutch newspaper has a tool that calls out Donald Trump's history on flip-flops.


Republican front-runner Donald Trump has a strained relationship with consistency. One day he is for the Iraq war; another, he thinks it is a terrible idea. A Dutch newspaper has now come up with a great way to call out The Donald on his long history of flip-flops.

De Volkskrant, or the People’s Paper, created a tool that allows users to choose between Trump’s various positions on such issues as the Iraq War and Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Based on your choices, the tool tells you which day Trump agreed with you.  

It starts with the following introduction (emphasis in the original text):

“DEAR AMERICANS, DONALD TRUMP has no competition on his journey to the WHITE HOUSE, as the other guys are COMMUNISTS, or women.  Luckily, Trump’s opinions are very FLEXIBLE, so there is still a lot to choose. In The Netherlands we have a STEMWIJZER, which could be translated as VOTEWISER. Use Votewiser to find out which Donald Trump suits you best. Because we believe THERE’S A TRUMP FOR EVERYONE. Kind Regards, The People’s Paper, Copenhagen (The Netherlands).”

The Dutch aren’t the first foreigners to express disdain for Trump; to celebrate Carnival, parade-goers in Germany made large floats mocking his hair and treatment of women. But if the Trump train continues its seemingly unstoppable journey to the Republican presidential ticket, surely they won’t be the last.

Photo credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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