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WATCH: New Footage Shows Brussels Suspect Walking Away from Attack

New video footage shows one suspect's escape path from the Brussels airport.

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Since two Islamic State terrorists detonated themselves at the Brussels airport on March 22, Belgian investigators have desperately searched for a third suspect who is believed to have escaped the coordinated attack.

The identity of the suspect, who appeared on airport footage next to the two suicide bombers, remains a mystery. He has come to be known only as “the man in white.”

But new footage released by Belgian police Thursday shows he ditched that defining article of clothing in a trash can within an hour after the attack and calmly walked away from the airport, which is just outside of the capital. Security cameras track his nearly two-hour walk through the town of Zaventem and ultimately into the Shaarbeek district of Brussels.

Now officials are appealing for witnesses who saw the suspect, who was wearing a light-colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up, to offer information on where he went next. They are also still hunting for the missing coat.

Watch the footage below:

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