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Guatemalan President Offers Trump ‘Cheap Labor’ To Build Border Wall

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has a laugh at the expense of Donald Trump.


Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales is a funny guy. Before he was elected to office, he rose to fame as a TV comedian. Now, he’s having a laugh at the expense of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Speaking during a Facebook Live interview by the New York Times en Español, Morales offered Trump cheap labor from his country to build the businessman’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. A video of the exchange, posted Tuesday, is below:

For those not fluent in Spanish, here’s what Morales said. “To the gentleman who wants to build a wall, I offer cheap labor. We have high-quality labor, and we’ll gladly build. Tell us the dimensions, and we know how to do it.”

When it came to U.S. immigration policy, Morales, who took office earlier this year, offered a more serious take.

“We believe — although I have no reason to involve myself in U.S. migratory policy — we believe that it is necessary to think about migratory reform where many people who are there in an irregular manner will be regularized,” he said. Morales added that legalizing undocumented immigrants in the United States would benefit the country because they would “contribute more and pay more taxes.”

Photo credit: LUIS ECHEVERRIA/Getty Images

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