The Green Movement and its Inconvenient Truths

2015 Global Thinker Marjan Minnesma and Gasland director Josh Fox debate the best—and perhaps only—way to spurn action on climate change: Terrify people.


In this week’s Global Thinkers podcast, Urgenda co-founder and director Marjan Minnesma joins filmmaker and activist Josh Fox, director of the upcoming How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, to swap stories from inside the green movement and explore its successes, its shortcomings, and why doomsday scenarios are valuable communications tools. FP story editor Amanda Silverman hosts.

About the Participants:

Marjan Minnesma is a 2015 Global Thinker and the co-founder and director of the Urgenda Foundation—an Amsterdam-based organization advocating for an economy based solely on clean, renewable energy. In 2012, Urgenda filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government on the grounds that it didn’t take sufficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In June of last year, the court ruled in Urgenda’s favor. It was the first case of its kind, which will now force the Dutch government to adapt stronger climate policies and will also set a precedent for similar suits in other countries. Follow her on Twitter: @marjanminnesma.

Josh Fox is a filmmaker, activist, and the founder and artistic director of New York-based film and theater production company, the International WOW Company. He’s the director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland and its follow-up Gasland II, which have been credited with boosting the anti-fracking movement. His latest film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, investigates climate change more broadly, as Fox travels to 12 countries on the front lines of global warming. The film will open in theaters in Los Angeles and Chicago on June 3, and will air on HBO on June 27. Follow him on Twitter: @joshfoxfilm.

Amanda Silverman is a story editor for print at FP. Follow her on Twitter: @apsilverman.

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