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Tips on how to pick up a sailor (or a Marine) during New York’s Fleet Week

I found this article weird.



I found this article weird. The author fusses about where to go and what to wear, but at the end, she confesses that, really, “all you need is a pair of boobs and to walk up and say ‘Hi.’” Surprised to see the New York Daily News run this kinda stuff. That said, I read the whole article, so who’s fooling who?

Another hot tip: Lady, don’t threaten to blow up a Navy ship.

(HT to @HopeSeck)

Photo credit: TYLER BOLKEN/U.S. Marine Corps/Flickr

Thomas E. Ricks covered the U.S. military from 1991 to 2008 for the Wall Street Journal and then the Washington Post. He can be reached at Twitter: @tomricks1
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