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Watch Air Canada’s New Attempt to Cash in on America’s 2016 Fears

Air Canada wants Americans threatening to move there after the election to visit first.

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It’s become a political cliché: if XYZ becomes the U.S. president, those opposed to his or her policies will move to Canada. With two polarizing candidates — presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton — set to clash in November, Air Canada is trying to cash in on the platitude.

In an advertisement posted to YouTube earlier this month, an actor dressed in Air Canada gear says, “It seems like a lot of you are talking about moving up here to Canada. It’s very flattering and we certainly have the room. But before you sell your house and book a one way ticket, maybe it makes sense to check us out first.” Check out the full advertisement below.

The ad then urges Americans to test drive Canada to see if they like the country, and to determine if they find the metric system agreeable, before they move to the Great White North.

The spot has a receptive audience. According to MarketWatch, after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each won seven state primaries on Super Tuesday in March, searches for “Move to Canada” spiked to their highest level ever. In addition, a March Ipsos poll showed 19 percent of Americans would consider moving to Canada if Trump wins, and 15 percent would think about heading north if Clinton takes the White House.

Photo credit: Air Canada

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